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Ranking Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Bosses by Difficulty

Rayvis Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

Ranking Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Bosses by Difficulty

May the Force be with you in these incredibly challenging boss fights.

Every Star Wars fan knows all about the thrilling fight scenes of the franchise, from the original Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader showdown to the prequel’s Duel on Mustafar. The legacy of these epic battles has continued in the gaming industry through Cal Kestis’ journey, featuring a unique set of challenges as players master the art of the Force. So, now that a new threat has arrived in Respawn’s latest installment, here’s our ranking of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s bosses from easiest to hardest.

*Please note, some of the bosses contained within will reveal critical plot elements and other surprises you might like to discover for yourself first.*

13. Rick the Door Technician

Rick the Door Technician Boss Fight
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

Although Rick has the makings of a great door technician, he is essentially the easiest boss of Jedi: Survivor due to his one-hit instant kill. Yet, despite his lack of strength, he is one of the most memorable fight sequences in the game, with numerous fans applauding Rick’s courageous spirit as he plunges fearlessly into battle.

Now, if this list were ranked by mental fortitude, Rick the Door Technician would absolutely be right at the top. But, in terms of power, he basically matches the weak state of B1 Droids and Stormtroopers.

12. K-405

K-405 Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

The K-405 isn’t too difficult to defeat as the game’s first boss battle, considering its slow movement speed and predictable attacks. You’ll also have Bode Akuna to help you with this showdown, making it that much easier to bring the security droid down in a measly few minutes.

The K-405 can still prove dangerous with its heavy-hitting strikes, primarily as you work out the kinks of the beginning stages. However, it shouldn’t take more than two tries to eliminate it, which will help you out in the long run when you come across these droids again in the later stages.

11. AT-ST

AT-ST Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

The All Terrain Scout Transport was one of the most destructive forces of the original trilogy, providing a more versatile and lightweight approach to the heavyset AT-AT. At first, the battle against the AT-ST can seem daunting as it launches countless grenades and tries to smash you every chance it gets. That is, until you discover the machine’s weak point of its vulnerable legs.

All you have to do is get under the AT-ST to slash its legs, give or take a few dodges, and the mechanic beast will come crashing down. The machine is also susceptible to its own grenades and missiles, so players can often use those projectiles against it with the Force Pull and Push.

10. Zeik

Zeik Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

Zeik is another early-stage boss who is relatively easy to take down with any lightsaber stance, especially with the powerful Dual Wield form. Nonetheless, the enemy does pack a punch through their unblockable attacks and immobilizing effect after a deadly strike.

Fortunately, every high-damage charge will be easy to spot, as the red aura surrounding Zeik’s body warns players of oncoming attacks. We just wish we could say the same for the standard Raiders you’ll face along the way since it can be quite frustrating to fight multiple variations of this class at a time.

9. The Ninth Sister

The Ninth Sister Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

Those who have played Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will instantly recognize the Ninth Sister, a Jedi Knight manipulated by the Dark Side. And now, fans will once again stand against her in the Survivor storyline, showcasing a new lineup of battle tactics. While the Ninth Sister continues to thrive in offensive strategies, she also has mind-reading capabilities that make her untouchable and forces you to wait until the effect stops.

On the other hand, players can quickly learn the Ninth Sister’s moveset due to her slow speed, in which you can use attacks from a distance to avoid taking damage. Of course, you’ll still have your hands full from her Force Grabs and lightsaber plunges, but at least you can outsmart her with Cal’s agility.

8. Tague Louesh

Tague Louesh Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

The Bedlam Raider Lieutenant, Tague Louesh, wields a Double-Bladed lightsaber and grapple hook that can deplete your health bar immensely. As a versatile duelist, he can defend himself with parries and counter-attacks, as well as perform an unblockable stab when your guard is down.

Regardless of Tague’s strength, his biggest downfall is close-quarters combat, so you can unleash a constant wave of attacks to bring him down.

7. Reprogrammed Magnaguard

Reprogrammed Magnaguard Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

The Reprogrammed Magnaguard excels in counter-attacks, granting them the ability to strike you after parrying. Therefore, players must time their actions in order to dodge or deflect its Electrostaff, despite its fast-paced movement speed.

Even if you behead this droid, you’ll trigger an aggressive state, causing the Reprogrammed Magnaguard to release a fury of attacks that can ultimately lead to your demise. However, players can use this technique against them since it makes them more predictable with their moveset.

6. Skriton

Skriton Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

The Jedha Skriton boss battle increases the overall challenge of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor with its lethal set of various strikes. When players are at a reasonable distance, the creature can initiate a tail attack to temporarily immobilize them, along with its short-range abilities through its left claw.

With the two techniques together, you’ll find yourself asking for Stims from BD-1 frequently, primarily when it launches a ground slam. Yet, there are a few ways to counter the Skriton from its vulnerable right side and blind spots. Even more so, Merrin will help you with this showdown by holding it down and dealing some damage to the beast when out of range.

5. Drya Thornne

Drya Thornne Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

What makes Drya Thornne one of the most challenging enemies of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the fact that he has a similar style to that of the game’s final boss. He utilizes the same methods of a jetpack and gun, with an added flair of rapid-fire during specific intervals. On the contrary, Drya has a distinct cloaking device, allowing him to disappear briefly, yet this ability can be countered with a Force Push.

Another reason Thornne is a thorn in your side is his outstanding parry and guard with his Crossguard stance, which can prolong the fight. Nevertheless, you can fight fire with fire by equipping this form or shoot him from afar using the Blaster stance.

4. Rayvis

Rayvis Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

Like many Jedi: Survivor bosses, Rayvis exhibits more than one stage, ending with a highly demanding last segment. During the first phase, he has an extended attack style of a series of punches and two unblockable hits. Not to mention that he can also body-slam Cal to the ground, depleting his health bar at an instant rate.

Once Rayvis’ armor breaks, things take a turn for the worse in the second stage, when he launches numerous missiles and gunfire onto the battlefield. In addition to that, the powers of his attacks have seemingly increased during this state, and you may not have time to restore your health with Stims.

3. Dagan Gera

Dagan Gera Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features not one, not two, but three fights against Dagan Gera, with the first being the easiest of the bunch. But, given that he has just awakened from a long slumber, it makes sense why he isn’t too tricky initially.

Things are taken up a notch in the second showdown as Dagan continuously changes his stances from Dual Wield to Double-Bladed. He will also launch an Orbiting Lightsaber ability, where you must simultaneously dodge two attacks. Luckily, players can avoid this technique with their block at the opportune moment and utilize Bode’s attacks to distract Gera.

These tactics are combined into the final battle, featuring three stages players must endure. Although the first has similar qualities to Dagan’s second fight, the following phase allows him to temporarily restore his lost arm, making him more dangerous in combat. Finally, the last stage showcases Dagan’s ultimate form, as clones of the once Jedi attack you repeatedly, with the occasional particle attack that can hit you from a distance.

2. Darth Vader

Darth Vader Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

As one of the Star Wars franchise’s primary antagonists, it is no surprise that Darth Vader would make it on this list. It’s one thing to see his legendary Force choke in the movies, but it’s an entirely different experience when you have to withstand this pernicious technique in video game form. Every hit you take can bring you a step closer to death, and sometimes, his charges can happen in the blink of an eye with his swift movements.

Darth Vader’s last phase will only enrage him further, showcasing the character’s Dark Side through his aggression. Not only will he throw surrounding objects at you, but his attacks are much stronger than the first round, where you must rely on dodging rather than blocking. In spite of these brutal tactics, the duel between Cere and Darth Vader is one of the most unforgettable moments of the series, and it shows why he is known as the deadliest villain of the sci-fi genre.

1. Bode Akuna

Bode Akuna Boss Battle
Image Source: Respawn via Twinfinite

Bode Akuna’s betrayal is undoubtedly a harsh blow for Cal’s team and the players, given that he is considered a friend for most of the storyline. Though, everything goes downhill once we learn about his dark nature with the Force, leading to two ferocious battles between Bode and Cal. The first match only scratches the surface of Akuna’s strength, which gets cut short after a few minutes.

The true test is the final battle of Jedi: Survivor, combining all the previous enemy styles into this one character. For instance, Bode can swing around his lightsaber like Dagan Gera and has a similar tanky charge as Rayvis. He can also match Cal’s speed with his jetpack and release a powerful shot from his blaster that rarely misses its target.

If you thought those attacks were harsh, Akuna goes even further with his grenades, especially when he bear hugs you and attaches them to your body to cause an explosion. With all these abilities together, players may have to Respawn a few times to finally bring this traitor down, regardless of their difficulty setting.

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