Does Merrin Die in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? Answered

Is Merrin a survivor in Jedi: Survivor?

Cal and Merrin in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s has been captivating players with its planet-hopping narrative and likeable ensemble. Because of their popularity, a lot of questions have revolved around the game’s supporting cast – and whether Nightsister Merrin dies in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Here’s that, and more, answered.

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***Spoilers for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Story Follow***

Who is Merrin in Jedi: Survivor?

Anyone who’s played Star Wars Jedi: Survivor knows how integral Merrin grows to the story. From lending Cal a device to get through impenetrable green barriers to epic action scenes in which the Jedi Knight is propelled around Jedha, she plays a major part in the battle against the Empire and the main narrative’s conclusion.

She’s a Nightsister in Star Wars lore, meaning she belongs to a historic clan of witches native to the planet Dathomir. They wield magick – supernatural powers related to the Dark Side of the Force (and ones that players will witness on many occasions as Merrin accompanies Cal in Jedi: Survivor).

Her and Cal first met on Dathomir when the latter was searching for the Tomb of Kujet. She was initially reluctant to join Cal having seen many of her Nightsisters murdered by General Grievous, but the Jedi won her over by revealing his painful backstory and handing her his Lightsaber. The two team up once again to fight the Empire in Jedi: Survivor, with voice actor Tina Ivlev reprising her role.

Does Merrin Die in Jedi: Survivor?

No, Merrin does not die in Jedi: Survivor’s story. She survives the game’s final battle and could feasibly play another big part in any third Star Wars game Respawn Entertainment develop.

Merrin, Cal and Greez in Jedi Survivor, looking at a holotable
Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment via Twinfinite

We’ll now add more detail and discuss the game’s conclusion so, if you haven’t got there yet, you might want to come back another time (but you can finish the game knowing Merrin survives!).

Bode Akuna, having betrayed the protagonists and revealed himself to be installed by the Empire, flees to Tanalorr to pursue a better life with his daughter, Kata. Greez, Cal and Merrin pursue them, before the face off against Bode in the game’s final showdown.

Despite being pushed close by Bode and his Jedi powers, Cal and Merrin eventually win and are able to save Kata simultaneously. Merrin then speaks to Kata about loss and grief, with the suggestion being that Kata accepts her father’s fate and welcomes the game’s protagonists as her de facto family.

That’s about where it wraps up, with Cal, Merrin, Greez and Kata looking ahead to further confrontations with the Empire. It sets up a sequel expertly but, for now, it’s not 100% guaranteed that another Respawn-led Star Wars game is coming.

That’s all there is to say about whether Merrin dies in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, as well as the Nightsister’s role in the 2023 title. Be sure to check out the related content below for all the latest on Jedi: Survivor, and the game’s supporting cast like Turgle.

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