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Best Skill Upgrades in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Survival, Lightsaber & Force Skill Trees Explained

Cal in a lightsaber duel in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Best Skill Upgrades in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Survival, Lightsaber & Force Skill Trees Explained

Branch your knowledge out with our Jedi: Survivor Skill Trees guide.

At the core of ranking up in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are Skill Trees, letting players invest their earned Skill Points (SP) into improve their Survival, Lightsaber or Force abilities. But which are the best skill upgrades in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and how exactly do Skill Trees work?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Skill Points & Trees Explained

As players work their way through Survivor’s narrative and delve into the world of Cal Kestis once again, they’ll earn Skill Points frequently.

These can be monitored by the progress bar at the top of the HUD as they play, which lets players know how many they currently have to spend and their progress towards earning their next. To access and invest their SP, players need only visit a Meditation Point and select ‘Skills’.

These SP are invested into three distinct Skill Trees, allowing players to rank up various aspects of Cal’s Jedi abilities. The Skill Trees are Survival, Lightsaber and Force. Each Tree has upgradeable tiers within it.

Skill Trees in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment via Twinfinite

In Survival there is one: Resilience. In Lightsaber there are five, relating to the Stances players can choose: Single, Double-Bladed, Dual Wield, Blaster and Crossguard. In Force, there are three: Jedi Concentration, Telekinesis and Confusion.

Below, each is broken down in full to let you know every possible upgrade within that Skill Tree, what the upgrade provides and how many SP it will cost you. The prerequisites listed for each refers to previous Skill Upgrades players must have unlocked to be able to invest their SP in that specific upgrade.

Survival Skill Tree


SkillCost (SP)What It ProvidesPrerequisites
Survival Skills1Cal’s maximum Life is increasedNone
Improved Survival Skills2Cal’s maximum Life is increasedSurvival Skills
Expert Survival Skills2Cal’s maximum Life is increasedSurvival Skills, Improved Survival Skills
Improved Stim Formula1Cal recovers additional Life when using a stim canister from BD-1Survival Skills
Perfected Stim Formula2Cal recovers additional Life when using a stim canister from BD-1Survival Skills, Improved Stim Formula
Teamwork1Reduces time required to heal with a BD-1 stimSurvival Skills, Improved Stim Formula
The Power of Friendship2BD-1’s stim canisters refill some Force MeterSurvival Skills, Improved Stim Formula, Teamwork
Focused Sight2Hold (relevant command) to automatically evade incoming melee attacksSurvival Skills
Greater Reflexes1Block Meters refills fasterSurvival Skills, Improved Survival Skills

Lightsaber Skill Tree


SkillCost (SP)What It ProvidesPrerequisites
Lunging Strike1Hold (relevant command) to perform a long-reaching thrust attackNone
Aerial Assault2Press (relevant command) while in the air to attack straight down at a target belowLunging Strike
Cyclone Slash2Hold (relevant command) after a basic attack to perform a powerful overhead swingLunging Strike
Charged Throw2Hold (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) for a stronger lightsaber throw that hits more damage and moves a short distance through the targetLunging Strike, Cyclone Slash
Improved Footwork1Lunging Strike now reaches furtherLunging Strike
Twofold Reflection1Press (relevant command) just before contact to reflect up to two blaster projectiles in a rowLunging Strike
Aerial Ace1Aerial Assault does more damage and staggers enemies hit by itLunging Strike, Aerial Assault
Dash Strike2Hold (relevant command) then press (relevant command) to dash and strike a target out of normal melee rangeLunging Strike, Aerial Assault
Aerial Dash Strike1Unlock the ability to perform a Dash Strike while airborneLunging Strike, Aerial Assault, Dash Strike


SkillCost (SP)What It ProvidesPrerequisites
Gathering Tempest1Hold (relevant command) to deal fast strikes towards a single enemyNone
Vortex Drive1Hold (relevant command) and press (relevant command) to dive forward while spinning the lightsaberGathering Tempest
Double Orbit1Press (relevant command) again to perform a second lightsaber throw around CalGathering Tempest, Vortex Drive
Endless Hurricane1Continue pressing (relevant command) to add additional attacks to the end of the double-bladed attack chainGathering Tempest
Multifold Reflections2Hold (relevant command) right before blaster shots connect to reflect them back towards nearby enemy targetsGathering Tempest, Endless Hurricane
Controlled Throw2Hold (relevant command) and (relevant command) to throw the lightsaber. Keep (relevant command) held to maintain the lightsaber’s position and use (relevant command) to direct it aroundGathering Tempest, Endless Hurricane, Multifold Reflections
Repulsing Burst2Press (relevant command) while airborne to slam down, dealing damage in an areaGathering Tempest, Endless Hurricane
Rising Storm2Hold (relevant command) to perform an attack that pulls enemies in a small area and takes Cal into the airGathering Tempest, Endless Hurricane, Repulsing Burst

Dual Wield

SkillCost (SP)What It ProvidesPrerequisites
Backstep Slash1Hold (relevant command) then press (relevant command) to attack and leap backwards, creating distance from the targetNone
Uncoiled Strikes2Delay (relevant command) input to perform a flurry of quick, targeted swingsBackstep Slash
Serpent’s Bite1Hold (relevant command) through the flurry to execute a strong final overhead swingBackstep Slash, Uncoiled Strikes
Focused Parry1Perform a spinning strike on releasing (relevant command)Backstep Slash
Precision Release2Release (relevant command) right as an enemy hits to perform an even more devastating follow-up attack and stagger nearby enemiesBackstep Slash, Focused Parry
Split Reflection2Press (relevant command) right before a blaster bolt hits to split the incoming bolt and reflect an additional targetBackstep Slash
Twin Vipers2Hold (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) then press (relevant command 2) again to throw the second blade at a target to double up damageBackstep Slash, Split Reflection
Dancing Blades3Hold (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) to throw both lightsabers that bounce between multiple targetsBackstep Slash, Split Reflection, Twin Vipers


SkillCost (SP)What It ProvidesPrerequisites
Flying Lunge1Hold (relevant command) to close the distance to your enemy with a leaping thrustNone
Blaster Cooldown1Gain additional ammunition each time you strike an enemy with the lightsaberFlying Lunge
Improved Clip1Increase maximum blaster ammunition by threeFlying Lunge, Blaster Cooldown
Energizing Flurry3Hold (relevant command 1) and press (relevant command 2) to perform a sequence of quick swings that rapidly replenishes ammunition if they connectFlying Lunge, Blaster Cooldown, Improved Clip
Efficient Heat Transfer2Reduces time required to fully charge a blaster shotFlying Lunge
Point Blank1Press (relevant command) just before an enemy hits to blast them awayFlying Lunge, Efficient Heat Transfer
Quick Draw3Hold (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) to focus and target multiple enemies at once with the blasterFlying Lunge, Efficient Heat Transfer


SkillCost (SP)What It ProvidesPrerequisites
Rending Strike1Hold (relevant command) to perform a single, high damage swing with a long windupNone
Impact2Press (relevant command) while airborne to slam into the ground, causing a shockwaveRending Strike
Greater Impact1Increased shockwave rangeRending Strike, Impact
Greater Cleaving Swing1Reduces focus attack charge-up timeRending Strike
Reaching Cleave1Increases range of Cleaving SwingRending Strike, Greater Cleaving Swing
Sundering Swipe2Hold (relevant command 1) and press (relevant command 2) to perform a wide, sweeping lightsaber attackRending Strike
Charged Reflection1Press (relevant command) right before a bolt makes contact to send back a charged bolt that hits the target and nearby enemiesRending Strike, Sundering Swipe
Rolling Thunder2Hold (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) to throw the lightsaber in a line through multiple targetsRending Strike, Sundering Swipe, Charged Reflection

Force Skill Tree

Jedi Concentration

SkillCost (SP)What It ProvidesPrerequisites
Attunement1Cal’s maximum Force is increasedNone
Lucid Attunement2Cal’s maximum Force is further increasedAttunement
Enlightened Attunement2Cal’s maximum Force is further increasedAttunement, Lucid Attunement
Greater Hold1(Relevant command 1) and (Relevant command 2): increase the duration of Slow’s effect on enemiesAttunement
Extended Hold3(Relevant command 1) and (Relevant command 2): the first strike against enemies affected by Slow will not break the Slow effectAttunement, Greater Hold
Superior Hold1Further increase the duration of Slow’s effect on enemiesAttunement, Greater Hold, Extended Hold
Channelled Energy1Cal regains more Force when he defeats an enemy, and regains some Force when he hits a blocking enemyAttunement
Swift Focus1(Relevant command) increases Force recovery when performing a successful Precision EvadeAttunement, Channelled Energy


SkillCost (SP)What It ProvidesPrerequisites
Wrenching Pull1Press (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) to wrench groups of nearby enemies closerNone
Twin Pull2While holding an enemy with Pull, press (relevant command) to pull and hold a second targetWrenching Pull
Unrelenting Pull3Hold (relevant command) to affect the largest and most Force-resistant enemiesWrenching Pull, Twin Pull
Radial Push1Press (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) to Push a wider area, causing multiple enemies to staggerWrenching Pull
Howling Push2Hold (relevant command) to push enemies in a much larger radius, and with a greater effectWrenching Pull, Radial Push
Parry Push2Press (relevant command) right before an enemy attacks to send them flyingWrenching Pull, Radial Push, Howling Push
Soaring Lift2Hold (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) to Lift your target as well as nearby enemiesWrenching Pull
Mass Slam2Hold (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) to Slam groups of enemiesWrenching Pull, Soaring Lift
Power Slam2Hold (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) for bigger hit reactions from affected enemiesWrenching Pull, Soaring Lift, Mass Slam
Gravitational Mastery1Increase Soaring Lift and Mass Slam radiusWrenching Pull, Soaring Lift
Power Lift2Hold (relevant command 1) and (relevant command 2) to Lift larger enemiesWrenching Pull, Soaring Lift, Gravitational Mastery


SkillCost (SP)What It ProvidesPrerequisites
Addled Mind1Increase the amount of time enemies will attack other enemies while ConfusedNone
Confounded Mind2Increase the amount of time enemies will attack other enemies while ConfusedAddled Mind
Greater Confusion1Hold (relevant command 1) then press (relevant command 2) after Confusing a target to Confuse an additional enemyAddled Mind
Amplification2Confused enemies deal additional damageAddled Mind, Greater Confusion
Redirected Strength2Hold (relevant command 1) and press (relevant command 2) while holding a Pulled enemy to force them to fire their weapon. Works on humanoids onlyAddled Mind, Greater Confusion
Superior Confusion2Successfully Confuse otherwise resistant humanoid enemiesAddled Mind, Greater Confusion
Confusion Mastery2Successfully Confuse even the most resistant humanoid enemiesAddled Mind, Greater Confusion, Superior Confusion

Best Skill Tree Upgrades in Jedi: Survivor

So, with all of the possible skill upgrades in the book, which should you choose? Our recommendation is to begin by ranking up Resilience (the only Survival Tree).

This is because its effects are universal, meaning however you approach combat and whichever Stance you end up favoring, the benefits of Resilience — whether extra health, improved stims or Force boosts — are guaranteed to have a tangible effect on battles.

We’d then recommend ranking up whichever Stance you’re using in the Lightsaber tree. This could change as you progress, but it makes the most sense to make yourself harder to kill as you unlock stances — and then upgrade your abilities with particular stances.

Resilience Skill Tree Upgraded in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment via Twinfinite

Force comes in last for us. It’s not bad by any means and players should definitely consider ranking up Jedi Concentration as they go, with Attunement undoubtedly helpful in almost any combat scenario. However, Telekinesis and Confusion are more niche in their uses, which is why we’re putting them last.

That’s everything to know about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Skill Trees and the best skill upgrades in Respawn Entertainment’s 2023 title. For all the latest on the latest AAA Star Wars title, check out the related content below.

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