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Stardew Valley Publisher Teases Possible New RPG; Official Announcement Coming Later This Week

Saffron Isles
Image Source: Chucklefish

Stardew Valley Publisher Teases Possible New RPG; Official Announcement Coming Later This Week

Are you ready to join the fight?

When the name Chucklefish comes up, most players probably immediately think of Starbound, Stardew Valley, or the upcoming Witchbrook. Others may think about Wargroove. Regardless of which game you envision first, it would be impossible to deny the influence that Chucklefish has had over the gaming community for a good few years now.

Their wholesome, pixel-perfect gameplay experiences are favorites for many kinds of players, whether or not they would usually pick up titles in such genres. Although Witchbrook has dominated fans’ minds for a while now as Chucklefish’s big upcoming title, the Stardew Valley publisher has come out and teased a new game’s arrival on March 7, 2023, called Saffron Isles.

Announcing the new game on their social media platforms, Chucklefish has sadly not provided too much information regarding Saffron Isles aside from its title, possible setting, and a date that implies more information coming or perhaps even a surprise release.

The audio clip they provided is a simple question—”Are you ready to join the fight?” That could imply that Saffron Isles will involve some sort of combat, or possibly take place in some sort of RPG setting in which there is conflict. The meaning of the clip is difficult to understand without more context.

Chucklefish also posted an image of Saffron Isles depicting a beach with palm trees designed in their well-known and loved pixel art style familiar to all Stardew Valley fans. With such art and an anchor emoji to go with it, it can be inferred that the game will take place in a summer beach setting.

Could it be pirates? Make sure to keep an eye on their social media to find out as they will speak more on Saffron Isles on March 8, 2023.

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