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Unleash Your Inner Lord Voldemort in This New Hogwarts Legacy Mod

Hogwarts Legacy Voldemort mod.
Image Credit: Youtube via BjornTheBear

Unleash Your Inner Lord Voldemort in This New Hogwarts Legacy Mod

Unlimited power!

Hogwarts Legacy already lets players cast unforgivable curses without severe repercussions, yet the modding community has decided to take it a step further. YouTuber BjornTheBear has shared a funny and terrifying video where they play the game as Lord Voldemort using a mod created by Bangzew.

The mod changes the character model of the main character to the Dark Lord, and he is even equipped with some voice lines. The video starts with Professor Weasley showing Central Hall to Lord Voldemort during his first day at Hogwarts. Unsurprisingly, the Dark Lord does not want to finish his tour and immediately shouts, “It’s all going to burn down anyway!” as he steps down the stairs.

Lord Voldemort does not waste time and immediately launches Crucio on the unsuspecting Professor Weasley. This feat is only possible because BjornTheBear also uses another Hogwarts Legacy mod, developed by jedijosh920, which allows you to cast unforgivable curses on the students and the professors. However, it also causes you to receive a bounty where other characters will fight back and try to throw you into Azkaban.

The two mods certainly create a one of a kind experience. In BjornTheBear‘s video, several NPCs quickly spawn and attack Lord Voldemort for his heinous deeds. A big battle erupts in Central Hall, with the Dark Lord madly cackling as he launches numerous unforgivable curses upon his enemies.

You can see him taking down Ruth Singer, Professor Sharp, Professor Fig, and (strangely) several Solomon Sallow within seconds. The present students do not seem to be aware of the massacre occurring near them and happily continue their activities.

If you want to play Hogwarts Legacy as Lord Voldemort, you can check out Bangzew’s Patreon. Both mods are still under development, with the creators taking their time polishing their works, but you can already try them out for yourself.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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