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Puma Is Teasing a Final Fantasy XIV Collab in the Most Unexpected News of Today

Final Fantasy XIV x Puma Slipstream
Image via SneakerWars

Puma Is Teasing a Final Fantasy XIV Collab in the Most Unexpected News of Today

Puma’s have never looked cooler.

On March 8, 2023, Puma released a very surprising teaser for its newest upcoming video game crossover with Final Fantasy XIV on Twitter. The 15-second teaser featured Times Square lit up with Puma ads while Final Fantasy elements like magic came into the scene.

While Puma hasn’t announced the shoes, there have been images on SneakerWars, a Japanese sneaker site. There are four different shoes to pick from in the Final Fantasy XIV x Puma lineup, and each of them is in a different style of shoe. 

The shoes themselves follow two main color schemes: black/purple and white/blue. According to SneakerWars, this is to highlight the duality of light and darkness within Final Fantasy XIV.

This follows the same format that other Puma video game crossovers have followed. In the past, Puma has collaborated with Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, and even Animal Crossing to release killer sneakers for video game lovers. 

The Twitter tease from Puma has a date of March 15, which may be when the shoes drop. Right now, it’s not clear where the shoes will be available around the world. However, with a New York City setting in the teaser and its presence on a Japanese sneaker site, it should be available in both the United States and Japan at the least. 
In the meantime, Final Fantasy XIV players can continue enjoying patch 6.3 and keep checking back for more information.

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