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Pokemon Collaborates With PUMA To Make the Coolest Sneakers on the Market

pokemon puma sneaker collaboration pikachu design

Pokemon Collaborates With PUMA To Make the Coolest Sneakers on the Market

The sneakers created by PUMA and the Pokemon Company are shockingly brilliant. We’ll take all five pairs, please.

The Pokemon Company is collaborating with PUMA to create a collection of sneakers that will be for sale starting later this month. The collection features the Kanto region—specifically, designs of the starter Pokemon Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are featured on the shoes.

There are five different sneaker designs in this collection (Pikachu is special enough to have two different designs). Each of the sneakers features one of the starter Pokemon and also incorporates its signature colors into the design.

You can get a look at what some of these designs look like in the image below.

pokemon puma sneaker designs pikachu bulbasaur squirtle charmander

As you can see, each of the shoes comes in different styles. The Pikachu PUMA sneakers will be available in the RS-X and the Rider FV shoe styles. The Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle sneakers will be available in the Rider FV, Slipstream Lo, and Suede styles, respectively.

Additionally, all of the shoes in this special collaboration collection will be available to buy in adult, child, and infant sizes, which means anyone in the family can enjoy these.

The Pokemon x PUMA collaboration collection of sneakers will be released later this month on November 12. They will be able to be purchased on the official Pokemon Center website and possibly other retail locations.

This isn’t the first time the Pokemon Company has teamed up with a shoe company—earlier this year, they collaborated with Converse to create a line of special Pokemon-themed All-Star Light shoes in Japan.

Likewise, a few years ago, PUMA collaborated with Sega to create a special pair of Sonic the Hedgehog sneakers.

For the latest news regarding the upcoming video games Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, you can read about the open-world nature of the game right here.

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