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Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Is Set to Be Nintendo’s Biggest Game Yet

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Image Source: Nintendo

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Is Set to Be Nintendo’s Biggest Game Yet

Buckle up Zelda fans, Tears of the Kingdom is set to take the title of Nintendo’s biggest game.

Legend of Zelda fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of Breath of the Wild sequel, Tears of the Kingdom. BOTW has forever made a name for itself as one of the best games available on the Switch, so it’s safe to say that there are some high expectations for Tears of the Kingdom, with fans keeping a keen eye out for new details and uploads regarding the development of the game.

Recently, Reddit user Bob4978135 made a discovery regarding the game’s file size. The Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom is set to take up 18.2 GB of space, as confirmed on the Nintendo eShop under the game specifics and details.

This makes Tears of the Kingdom the largest Nintendo game in history, with the file size outdoing several storage-dependant titles on the switch, such as Fire Emblem Engage (13.8 GB), Xenoblade Chronicles (13.7 GB), and prequel title Breath of the Wild (14.4 GB)

If the game’s file size indicates how much content is packed into the title, then Zelda fans may have plenty to look forward to on launch day. However, keeping in mind that there will likely be extra data or updates to download, players will need to ensure that they have plenty of space left on their SD card for installation.

With Breath of the Wild maintaining a spot in the heart of Switch gamers as one of the best titles on the system, Tears of the Kingdom has some high expectations to exceed and maintain in terms of visuals, storytelling, and gameplay experiences.

Judging from the most recent glimpse of content available in the second trailer for the game, Tears of the Kingdom hasn’t disappointed fans thus far. If you’re excited to jump into this sequel when it releases on May 12 2023, it’s best to ensure you have the storage capabilities well in advance, so now is a great time to start archiving those old games or shopping for a new SD card.

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