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How to Beat Zhang Jiao Boss Fight in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Zhang Jiao.
Image Credit: Team Ninja via Twinfinite

How to Beat Zhang Jiao Boss Fight in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

One of the easier bosses.

Zhang Jiao is the final boss players must defeat in the Demon of the Yellow Heaven battlefield, and unlike Zhang Liang, the leader of the Yellow Turban does not have a second phase which may make some of you breathe a sigh of relief. However, that does not mean most people can beat him on the first try. If you need help, this guide can tell you how to beat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhang Jiao Boss Fight Guide

Although Zhang Jiao is not the most challenging boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, gaining some information is still a good idea before facing him. So here are some strategies and details about the boss that you need to know.

Battle Preparation

There are several things you need to prepare before entering the boss arena. First, you should equip Metal Phase Spells, like Poison Bubbles, since Zhang Jiao will be weak against them. Another Wizardry Spell you may consider using is Absorb Vitality under Wood Phase since it will allow you and your allies to recover some HP when attacking.

You can also equip another Wood Phase Spell called Inner Breath, which lets you quickly fill up your Divine Beast Gauge by deflecting an attack. You should try wearing gear that provides some resistance against lightning because Zhang Jiao loves to throw that element at you. You can also bring two companions since they can become great distractions and give you more breathing room.

Zhang Jiao’s Attacks

Wo Long Zhang Jiao Boss Fight.
Image Credit: Team Ninja via Twinfinite

When you open the door and enter the chamber, a cutscene will play where Zhang Jiao swallows an Elixir and turns into a monstrous being. During the fight, the Yellow Turban leader will be wielding a staff which he uses as a melee weapon and to cast magic.

One of the first moves he will hit you with is the lightning strikes, where thunder will rain down on you from above. Zhang Jiao can also summon three tornados that will travel around the arena, but you can easily avoid them as long as you pay attention.

Sometimes, the boss will also blow out a strong gust of wind that will move as he turns his head. Zhang Jiao can even send out waves of sand that spread out from his position, but you should be able to deflect this attack.

One move that you need to keep an eye on is the claw attack, where Zhang Jiao will try to skewer you with his long nails. You can deflect this strike by pressing B or Square when a red glint flashes on the boss’ hand.

Battle Strategy

Wo Long Zhang Jiao Boss Lightning Attack.
Image Credit: Team Ninja via Twinfinite

If you have Poison Bubbles equipped, you can immediately cast the spell once the battle starts. It can give you extra passive damage that may influence the outcome of this fight.

The key to quickly defeating Zhang Jiao is to be aggressive. You need to keep pushing forward and avoid hiding behind your companions. You can also use the proven method of beating Dark Soul bosses to subdue the leader of Yellow Turban, which is to hit him in the back.

This is why having two companions can make the battle easier. They can occupy the boss’ attention while you sneak behind Zhang Jiao to beat his ass. If you only have one ally, it can still work, but the boss will have a higher chance of focusing on you.

Don’t forget to cast Absorb Vitality sometimes to ensure your allies won’t die while Zhang Jiao rains his fury on them. He will eventually notice you, though, so make sure that your deflection skill is good.

That should be everything you need to know on how to beat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Consider checking the articles below if you need more help with the game.

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