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‘Fortnite Feet Pics’ is Trending, Proving That Every Nite is Feetnite

Fortnite Cold Feet
Image Source: Epic Games via Twitter

‘Fortnite Feet Pics’ is Trending, Proving That Every Nite is Feetnite

Who says we don’t tackle serious topics in gaming?

Considering the breadth of the internet zeitgeist, popular trends are bound to intersect at some point or another. At the moment, one search that seems to be doing the rounds combines everyone’s favorite battle royale game with some people’s favorite appendage, as the internet cannot get enough of Fortnite feet pics.

Why this is currently rising in popularity is still under investigation, however it turns out that feet memes have been ingrained within Fortnite‘s culture for some time now. There are literally years worth of content connecting the two, with sand scooper aficionados sharing everything from fan art to what appears to be some kind of attempt at rap. We have not provided links due to the subject matter’s sometimes lewd nature, however it is not hard to find if you’re curious.

TikTok appears to be a popular hot spot for the latest in Fortnite feet content, with a search of the term ‘Fortnite feet meme’ having garnered 4.2 billion views. For context, Super Bowl LVII was viewed by an estimated 113 million U.S. households, suggesting that 37 times as many people would like to see Fortnite feet pics, instead of Patrick Mahomes winning his second Lombardi Trophy.

Feet in general are a hot topic of discussion in gaming; at one point, there was a Twitter account specifically dedicated to whether you could see the feet of your favorite digital stars that had thousands of followers. This account has since been suspended, suggesting that they toed the line one too many times.

The developers behind the games are of course aware of this, and have taken ample opportunities to highlight the trend. You can consider the frequency of which the official Fortnite account mentions “feet” to be coincidental if you’d like, but there’s no getting around this recent Overwatch tweet that goes all-in.

Those offput by this trend may simply have to admit de-feet. The community continues to step up at every opportunity, with uproarious reactions at the mere sight of a sockless sole such as Bea from Pokemon Sword and Shield, or Street Fighter’s resident sadist, Juri.

As for how it pertains to Fortnite specifcially, your only hope may be to mute certain words in your search feet feed. On a completely unrelated note, here are some Twinfinite articles about feet; specifically in House of the Dragon and Wakanda Forever. You’ll surely be tickled to read them.

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