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Best Void Titan Build for Destiny 2 Lightfall

Destiny 2 Void 3.0
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Best Void Titan Build for Destiny 2 Lightfall

Void Titan is as dominant as ever!

Destiny 2’s Lightfall DLC has finally arrived for all to enjoy, and with it comes a brand new Darkness subclass, Strand. However, most of the subclass’s abilities are locked behind time gates, so you’re better off sticking to the Light subclass until then. This season, Void Titan, in particular, has been given new life with the revamping of the armor system. So today, let’s discuss the best Void Titan build in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Best Void Titan Build

Below, we’ll go over the best armor, mods, and weapons that you should keep in consideration if you’re planning on running a Void-based Titan in Destiny 2: Lightfall.


Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

The idea behind this build is to have maximum ability uptime, and even though the Heart of Inmost Light Exotic chest piece was nerfed, this build allows it to shine brighter than before. For Void Titan, we want to maximize our ability to spam grenades while also activating the Devour ability, essentially allowing us never to die so long as we keep killing enemies. Thus, here are the mods we’re working with:

  • Helmet: Ashes to Assets x2, Void Siphon x1
  • Arms: Grenade Kickstart x1, Firepower x2
  • Chest: Concussive Damper x1, Charged Up x1
  • Legs: Void Holster x1, Innervation x2
  • Class Item: Bomber x3

The rest of the mods are to help improve our stats. In this build, we want as much as Resilience and Discipline as possible, as Resilience grants a 30% damage reduction, and Discipline increases our grenade recharge rate.

With the mods listed above, you’ll be able to consistently generate Orbs of Power, allowing you to gain more grenade energy, which in turn will activate Devour and also give you Volatile Rounds to your Void weapons, which is a nice bonus. Speaking of weapons…


Destiny 2 Void 3.0
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

For this build, weapons that can generate ability energy will be key here. The Unforgiven SMG can roll with Demolitionist, which grants more grenade energy per kill with the gun. At the same time, the Commemoration LMG has Repulsor Brace, which gives you an Overshield if you defeat an enemy that is Void debuffed.

If these weapons aren’t available to you, then any Void weapon, in general, will work just fine since they will be able to have Volatile rounds after you pick up an Orb of Power, allowing you to demolish a field of enemies with ease in a glorious void explosion.

Overall, Void Titans are extremely strong this season, and the nerf to Heart of Inmost Light did not hurt them in the slightest. With this setup, you’ll have no problem clearing any activity you might encounter.

That’s everything you need to know on the best Void Titan build for Destiny 2: Lightfall. Be sure to check out our latest guides, like what the best Exotic weapons for PvE are, and more below.

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