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There’s a Nasty Surprise Waiting For Wild Hearts Players After Beating its Final Boss

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There’s a Nasty Surprise Waiting For Wild Hearts Players After Beating its Final Boss

The end is just the beginning.

Wild Hearts is almost here, with EA Play Pro users already been able to dive into the first few hours of the game and the release of the game pending this Friday. The title is set to be EA and Koei Techmo’s answer to the Monster Hunter series, though they’ve promised a few tricks up their sleeves to help make the comparison obsolete.

Chief among those differences are the enemies that make up the game, known as Kemono, giant beasts that are the embodiment of the power of nature. Wild Hearts will feature different encounters with numerous types of these animals, resulting in some large-scale, chaotic fights, including a final boss that is both massive and intimidating, even if you’re in a group via co-op.

Interestingly enough, the main campaign’s final boss isn’t actually even the hardest one in the game. According to Game Directors Kotaro Hirata and Takuto Edagawa, fans can look forward to a powerful surprise, even after they’ve beaten the last Kemono on their path.

“We do have a last battle in the game, but after that there is actually a stronger Kemono than the final boss and you have to fight it after you finish the main story,” said Hirata. “To beat this Kemono, you really have to hone your skills and equip proper weapons and armor.”

While they didn’t elaborate on exactly what type of monster this will be, it was reiterated that you’ll need to be a pretty high level in order to take it on, even after you’ve completed the campaign. Based on the information we learned from the recent Reddit AMA, it’ll likely be a part of the “Volatile” variant that was teased.

This unnamed endgame boss will be apart of one of the many free content updates coming after the launch of Wild Hearts, as their’s already individual ones planned for March and April that are set to add in new weapon and armor variations, implement bug fixes, and much more.

Wild Hearts is set to release on Feb. 16, 2023, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. While you wait for its release, be sure to check out our official preview, which describes it as letting you become the Tony Stark of the monster-hunting genre.

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