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Two Highly Anticipated New Characters are Finally Coming to Genshin Impact

Images via Hoyoverse

Two Highly Anticipated New Characters are Finally Coming to Genshin Impact

Finally, the wait is over – Baizhu and Kaveh are coming home!

The official Genshin Impact Twitter account has finally announced that both Baizhu and Kaveh are coming to the game. The two Dendro characters don’t have an official release date, but speculation and rumors point toward a 3.6 banner release.

Kaveh’s introduction went through a bit of information that players already knew, like the fact that he’s an architect. What players didn’t know was that he’s considered one of the best ones in Sumeru, which is interesting considering he lives at Alhaitham’s house in the current storyline. 

Fans have been waiting around for Baizhu for quite some time. His character was originally introduced back in Version 1.0 of the game back in 2020. At the time, Dendro wasn’t a playable element yet (although a rare enemy was Dendro). Baizhu’s vision wasn’t available, but his character design compared to NPC character designs made it pretty obvious that Hoyoverse was toying with the idea of him as a playable character. 

Now the owner of Bubu Pharmacy will finally be added to the game. Rumors have been flying for weeks now about what his kit will include, but there’s been no official information released from Hoyoverse. Hoyoverse is also cracking down on leaks lately, subpoenaing Twitter to identify prominent Genshin Impact leakers.

Considering his Dendro vision and appearance on the Limited Banner, Baizhu may have a place in the upcoming archon quests in the game. However, players won’t know for sure until the new characters and new story is released, some of which is coming with Version 3.5.  

Are you excited to see Baizhu and Kaveh come to the game? How do you think this will impact Dendro team compositions?

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