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State of Agents Teases Valorant Agent 22, & Two More Agents for 2023

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Image Source: Riot

State of Agents Teases Valorant Agent 22, & Two More Agents for 2023

The party’s just getting started!

Valorant is slowly creeping up on its third anniversary, with quite the set of accomplishments for Riot Games’ first foray into the tac-shooter scene. 2023 alone is starting with a bang, as 32 of the best teams in Valorant’s competitive franchised structure are duking it out for the crown in Brazil, with Harbor and Lotus making their debut.

The hype doesn’t stop there either, as Character Producer on Valorant, John Goscicki, is teasing that more agents are inbound. This year, Riot Games intends to add three new agents: an Initiator, a Sentinel, and a third whose identity will remain behind closed doors, for now. Players even get a brief snippet of what appears to be the next agent, Valorant’s twenty-second playable character.

The announcement reiterates much of what Riot has stated when creating Agents, as the process usually takes quite a bit of time to figure out how to balance a new character while balancing previous characters. Interestingly enough, Goscicki does mention Agent 22 while introducing new ways to “clear corners, get onto locations and plant the spike,” with his delivery echoing an almost similar style to fellow Initiator, Fade.

As mentioned, the third agent remains unknown, and that hasn’t stopped fans from brainstorming what said agent could be or the possibility of a new class introduced into Valorant. With Valorant in its sixth episode of content, which introduced Lotus, the potential of releasing the first of three agents could be very near.

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