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New Valorant Bundle Supports VCT LOCK//IN Teams & Brings the Hype Before Brazil

LOCK//IN Bundle reveal
Image Source: Riot Games

New Valorant Bundle Supports VCT LOCK//IN Teams & Brings the Hype Before Brazil


If there’s one thing Riot Games is exceptional at, it’s bringing the hype for Valorant’s major esports events. 2023 marks the inaugural shift to franchising for Valorant’s competitive year, with 30 teams battling for the title of champion.

The first international event is merely two weeks away from kicking off the year, as 32 teams have been invited to São Paulo, Brazil to battle in the rigorous LOCK//IN event. Starting Feb. 8, Riot Games is giving its community the keys to supporting the teams participating, with a new in-game capsule boasting a new melee, spray and player cards.

All Valorant VCT LOCK//IN Bundle Contents: Is It Worth Buying & Release Date

The VCT LOCK//IN bundle launches Feb. 8 and will be in rotation until March 7, usually arriving around the refresh time of the in-game store. Purchasing the VCT LOCK//IN bundle nets you:

  • Misericórdia Melee (three additional color variants)
  • VCT LOCK//IN Playercards
  • VCT LOCK//IN Spray

At the moment, the pricing of the bundle is currently under wraps, but expect that to change as we inch closer to it hitting the store. Regarding the bundle’s value, it depends on how you feel about spending money in Valorant. Personally speaking, the skins themselves are always well-designed but are quite expensive.

However, as with the Champions Bundle, 50% percent of the proceeds will go towards participating teams, which incentivizes the community to partake in this offering. As a fan of Valorant’s competitive scene, I find value in this. As with anything, it depends on how you feel!

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