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How to Get Beast Feeder in Hogwarts Legacy

Beast Feeder
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

How to Get Beast Feeder in Hogwarts Legacy

Satisfy the hunger of the wild beasts.

As a beast tamer, you must nurture your animals in the Room of Requirement’s multiple Vivariums to collect resources for Gear upgrades and traits. Fortunately, you can help yourself out by building structures in these establishments for breeding, eating, and general entertainment. So, if you are looking for one of these items, we’ll show you how to get the Beast Feeder in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Beast Feeder Location

Before you find the item, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve completed the Beasts class and The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom quests to unlock the animal feature. After that, players can purchase the Beast Feeder at Hogsmeade’s Tomes and Scrolls for 1,200 galleons.

Tomes and Scrolls Location
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

You can earn more currency by selling cosmetics or beasts, unlocking eye chests, and finishing side missions. Players can also test out the Money Glitch with chests or Puffskeins for a faster method.

Once you obtain the item, you can use eight Moonstones (found throughout the map) and place it in the Vivarium with the Conjuring spell. As a result, the animals will automatically start eating from the feeder to satisfy their hunger, but you’ll still need to take care of them using the Beast Petting Brush ability to fulfill their grooming heart meter. Furthermore, it should be noted that you can only place one Beast Feeder in every Vivarium due to its limited budget capacity.

Besides the Beast Feeder, Tomes and Scrolls feature the Beast Toybox Spellcraft for 500 galleons, allowing the animals to play with objects. Additionally, players can buy the Breeding Pen for 1,000 galleons, which will be needed to breed a Thestral for Deek’s Foal of the Dead mission.

So there you have it, this is how to get the Beast Feeder in Hogwarts Legacy. If you want to learn about additional animal content, you can check out our shiny beasts guide or explore the relevant links below for more information.

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