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Further Proof Emerges That The Day Before Is Super Sus

Further Proof Emerges That The Day Before Is Super Sus

Further Proof Emerges That The Day Before Is Super Sus

Can this game go one day without coming off as a scam?

The Day Before has been facing heavy skepticism about its legitimacy, and a recent revelation brought forth on Reddit isn’t helping the game’s image.

In a post to the Gaming Subreddit made by user PatFury on Feb. 5, a video showcased images, videos, and marketing used to advertise developer Fntastic’s upcoming title. These pieces of media are shown side by side with media for other gaming properties, and the resemblance is uncanny.

Some have similar or identical fonts used for the games’ names. Others are only slightly altered images, with the positioning of objects almost exactly the same. The trailers in particular are the most uncanny: While the characters might have slightly different outfits, the shot composition, camera angles, and movement of characters shown are one for one.

It should be noted that the advertising media for the other games shown is well-established and would have existed for several years before The Day Before would have had advertising material made for it. As such, it’s almost impossible the game’s trailers were designed in this way purely by chance. It also seems a little too exact to be a well-meaning homage to these different titles, piling on yet more evidence that everything is likely not above board with this upcoming game.

We highly recommend checking the video out down below, as it needs to be seen to be believed.

All of this comes after The Day Before saw a substantial delay earlier this year. Originally slated to release in March, the game as delayed due to a supposed trademark dispute. Though this was followed by the release of new footage of the game in action, the lack of substantial gameplay shown for the game has only left people even more suspicious about the game’s credibility.

Time will tell, but The Day Before is currently slated for release on PC on Nov. 10. For more on the game, we’ve got plenty of other related articles which you can peruse down below.

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