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Destiny 2 Strand Abilities Essentially Make You Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Dr. Strange

Destiny 2 Lightfall

Destiny 2 Strand Abilities Essentially Make You Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Dr. Strange

Destiny 2 x Marvel!!

Destiny 2 Lightfall is a mere three weeks away, and yet another trailer has been released showcasing each class’s new Strand abilities. It isn’t an understatement to say that Bungie wants to distinguish each class with a certain vibe when using Strand.

Warlocks truly embrace their space wizard moniker as their abilities revolve around creating little Strand minions called Threadlings. When they spawn, the Threadlings will seek out and destroy any enemies in their path for you. Previously it was believed that Warlocks could only generate a couple at a time, but in the trailer, it was shown that they could spawn up to 10 or more at once based on how many kills they get. Either way, the Broodweaver class looks like a lot of fun for Warlocks who love their little space buddies.

Titans are again charging through the front lines with their new darkness subclass, Berserker. Berserkers quite literally become a glorified Wolverine. When you use your super ability, Bladefury, two claws of Strand appear on your hands, where you can proceed to hack and slash your enemies until there’s nothing left. Unfortunately, not much else regarding their other abilities were shown in the trailer, but that leaves us more excited but what Bungie has in store for Berserkers.

Last but not least, Hunter’s new Strand subclass, Threadrunner, combines aspects of Spiderman and Indiana Jones into one. Threadrunners are given two grapple charges rather than one, allowing them to swing like Spiderman continuously, and when the time comes to fight some bad guys, you can create a lasso to wrangle them in easily. Off the first look, it seems like Threadrunners will be a staple in the upcoming PvP meta of Lightfall. How it fairs in PvE will require some additional testing.

Either way, with each passing week and day, Strand looks more powerful than we could have hoped for, and we’re eagerly excited to test it out when Lightfall releases on Feb. 28, 2023.

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