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An Enormous Wailord Plush Pokemon Fans Have Been Whaling for Is Almost Upon Us

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An Enormous Wailord Plush Pokemon Fans Have Been Whaling for Is Almost Upon Us

Surely it won’t be to scale.

As every Pokemon fan knows, the adorable monsters come in all sizes. Most of the time, merchandise such as plushes doesn’t get anywhere close to a creature’s true size. Last year, a listing on the Pokemon Center site for a plush of the massive whale Pokemon Wailord allowed fans to own a 26-inch version of the 47-foot-long Pokemon.

However, a new tweet from the official Pokemon account suggests that an even more mighty version of the massive blue whale will soon become a reality.

The original Wailord plush has already come and gone, so this new one will be the only chance fans have to capture one of the largest Pokemon for themselves.

Details regarding this new Wailord’s size are currently unknown, and the teaser video doesn’t give enough information or perspective. However, it’s not just another 26-inch version. There are noticeable differences when comparing the two, such as the eyes being different. With the filter over the video, it’s hard to tell, but this one might be a darker shade of blue.

You can expect this one exactly be cheap, either. The 26-inch version was $49.99 when it was available, so this new version will likely be at least double that, if not quite a bit more. Though, it probably won’t break the bank like that Pikachu-themed engagement ring.

If the promise of “soon” in the tweet is to be believed, we might know more before the end of the month. We’ll keep an eye on it so you won’t miss out, as there’s certain to be a frenzy when these become available.

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