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This Pikachu Engagement Ring May Cost Over $10,000, but It Sure Is Beautiful

pikachu solitaire ring

This Pikachu Engagement Ring May Cost Over $10,000, but It Sure Is Beautiful

If you’re thinking about proposing to a special someone in your life who happens to be a big Pokemon fan and want the best way to say “I choose you,” then you’re in luck: a Japanese company called U-Treasure sells beautiful, Pokemon-themed engagement rings, and they just introduced a brand new design featuring Pikachu.

Based on a previous design in their collection, the Pikachu Solitaire Ring has been upgraded to be able to host a larger diamond (between 1. and 1.999ct) and features both a male and female Pikachu on the setting.

The two Pikachu on this band have different tails to show their genders: the female Pikachu has a heart-shaped tail, and the male Pikachu has a flat tail.

You can actually buy this Pikachu Solitaire ring from U-Treasure, but of course, as it is meant to be an engagement ring it’ll come at a high cost: the prices range from 93,500 yen (approximately $825 USD) to 125,400 yen (approximately $1,106 USD) for just the band itself, depending on the type of metal you choose. And before you ask, yes, they ship overseas.

If you’d like a rough idea of what you may end up spending, an example is provided with the band in platinum and 18k yellow gold setting holding a 1.032ct diamond. It costs a whopping 1,169,400 yen (approximately $10,320 USD). This ring can be purchased right here.

Of course, you could go higher since the biggest diamond the ring can hold is just south of 2ct.

The ring comes with a custom engraving option and also arrives in a cute Master Ball case so that you can perfectly propose by saying “I choose you.”

Here are pictures of this beautiful piece of jewelry as well as the Master Ball case:

pikachu ring
master ball case

This isn’t the only Pokemon-themed ring from U-Treasure. In fact, they have an entire collection based on Pokemon such as Mew, Espeon, Umbreon, and plenty of more Pikachu designs. You can view the whole collection and each of the various designs by visiting their online store right here.

Would you propose to someone with a Pokemon-themed engagement ring? Let us know which ring is your favorite from U-Treasure’s collection.

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