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This AI-Generated Apex Legends 80s Film Poster Is Hollywood Quality

Image Source: EA

This AI-Generated Apex Legends 80s Film Poster Is Hollywood Quality

Henry Cavill, is that you?

Artificial intelligence art programs have become quite the trend of late, as artists throw their works into the proverbial blender with the resulting images creating quite the artistic spectacle. Last month, the Russo brothers put the Avengers into one of the art generators, and the results delivered a unique take contrary to what the duo has assembled on screen.

YouTube creator “hotnasty” took the time to experiment with an AI image generator, throwing in twelve of the twenty-three characters from Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. The results are stunningly accurate and might cause the community to look up if these are photos real in a short YouTube video set to the tone of a dark, mystical fantasy.

Fans of Apex Legends might be caught off guard as many of the images are nearly identical to their video game counterparts. Mirage’s image may even cause a double take, as the tricksters’ imagery will certainly cause Henry Cavill fans to push the actor to create an Apex Legend feature film. As mentioned, there are only twelve characters in the video, but hotnasty will look to make a second part if enough fans support the project.

This isn’t the first time AI artwork has made an appearance on the internet, as last year, a Reddit user recreated the roster in an art app, and the final result matched the work of Tarot cards. 

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