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PowerWash Simulator Sets Sights on Cleaning up Final Fantasy 7

Powerwash Simulator Sets Sights on Cleaning up Final Fantasy 7 Next
Image Source: FuturLab

PowerWash Simulator Sets Sights on Cleaning up Final Fantasy 7

The Buster Sword has been in need of a deep clean.

The cleanest game in the business, PowerWash Simulator, is moving on from its recent Tomb Raider collaboration to shine up a different Square Enix franchise. The next free crossover will take players to Final Fantasy 7’s Midgar to help clean up some of the mess that Cloud Strife and associates leave behind.

This new content for PowerWash Simulator will be called the Midgar Special Pack, and it will be coming soon to all platforms, having just arrived on PlayStation consoles on Jan. 31. Everything you will get to clean is currently unknown. However, the announcement clearly shows the Hardy-Daytona motorcycle in the image while the character poses like Cloud.

In the distance of the image is a cleverly framed vehicle that looks like a Shinra Hauler SA-37 that might also be due for a bit of thorough cleaning. This further proves there isn’t a type of vehicle in existence that wouldn’t benefit from a strong stream of water. The main game already sees you cleaning a van, a moleman’s massive drill, and a plane.

Square Enix publishes PowerWash Simulator, which is why the game will likely see more content related to its biggest franchises. The recent Tome Raider content that took players through five levels around the Croft Manor only dropped recently with the PlayStation release, so now the game seems to be full steam ahead on future content.

Xbox players who are eager to check out the Tomb Raider content and this future Final Fantasy 7 content can find PowerWash Simulator as part of their Game Pass subscription. When it arrived, the game even managed to entirely hose Halo Infinite out of the top 5 Game Pass games.

The speedrunning community has even latched onto this very clean game. A six-player team sped through cleaning all the vehicles in PowerWash Simulator with no soap during Awesome Games Done Quick 2023.

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