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Is Kisaki A Time-Leaper in Tokyo Revengers? Answered (Spoilers)

Tokyo Revengers
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Is Kisaki A Time-Leaper in Tokyo Revengers? Answered (Spoilers)

Is he, or is he not?

Time travel across all forms of media is overly complicated, and Tokyo Revengers is the same. Throughout the series, we follow Takemichi, the main “time-leaper,” and we meet a few others along the way. However, some people need clarification on whether or not Kisaki, the main antagonist of the show, is also a time-leaper. So today, let’s answer whether or not Kisaki is a time-leaper in Tokyo Revengers.

***Spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers Manga Follow***

Does Kisaki Time Travel In Tokyo Revengers?

Tokyo Revengers
Image Source: LIDENFILMS

For the short and sweet answer, no, Kisaki is not a time-leaper/does not time travel. It’s been hinted at and teased an abundance of times throughout the franchise, but when he dies later in the series and doesn’t come back, it’s safe to say he isn’t a time-leaper. However, while he isn’t a time-leaper himself, he does understand the concept and existence of time-leapers.

This means at some point in the series, Kisaki could meet up with another time-leaper and have them explain the idea behind it to him. During his final fight with Takemichi, he revealed not only that information but also was aware of Takemichi’s time-leaping abilities. However, their big fight took a dramatic turn when Kisaki was eventually hit by a truck, killing him in the process.

Kisaki, being the way he is, made sure to get the last laugh when he asked Takemichi if he believed he was a time-leaper. Still, it proved pointless in the end when his wounds from being hit by a truck were beyond repair, and he died nearly instantly from the collision—a wild and confusing end to one of the most complex antagonists in the series.

That’s everything you need to know on whether or not Kisaki dies in Tokyo Revengers. Be sure to check out our latest Tokyo Revengers guides, like whether or not Taiju dies or who the Black Dragons are.

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