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Does Taiju Die in Tokyo Revengers? Answered (Spoilers)

Taiju Shiba
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Does Taiju Die in Tokyo Revengers? Answered (Spoilers)

Time Travel makes my head hurt.

It’s safe to say that time travel is a very complicated topic to discuss, and in Tokyo Revengers, things can get mixed up very quickly. In particular, whether or not certain characters like Taiju, the leader of the Black Dragon’s Gang, survive or die. So today, let’s answer whether or not Taiju dies in Tokyo Revengers.

*PSA: This article will contain spoilers from the manga.*

Is Taiju Still Alive in Tokyo Revengers?

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Ken Wakui and Shonen Jump

For the short and sweet answer, Taiju did technically die but is still alive. During the Christmas Showdown Arc, Taiju instigated Yuzuha, the little sister of the Shiba Brothers, and she stabbed and killed him. However, that was in a previous timeline. When Takemichi returns to a different timeline, he inadvertently saves Taiju’s life, thus preventing his death in the series.

Eventually, at the end of the Arc, the Black Dragon Gang would be defeated, and Taiju would end up aiding Takemichi in a future Arc, which is a huge benefit considering he is arguably one of the strongest characters in the series. That said, this time travel drama can be pretty confusing to follow, but it’s nice to see some characters not be killed off by it.

That’s everything you need to know on whether or not Taiju dies in Tokyo Revengers. Be sure to check out our latest Tokyo Revengers guides, like whether or not Kisaki dies or how old Taiju really is.

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