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Who Are the Black Dragons in Tokyo Revengers? Answered

Taiju Shiba in Tokyo Revengers
Image Source: LIDENFILMS

Who Are the Black Dragons in Tokyo Revengers? Answered

They seem like nice young men.

Tokyo Revengers’ second season is so close, you can practically catch the scent of pure delinquency in the air (it mostly smells like body odor and soft drinks). This time, it looks as though Takemichi will have his work cut out for him, as he has drawn the ire of a new, deadly gang… but what’s their deal exactly? Who are the Black Dragons in Tokyo Revengers?

Who Is the Black Dragon Gang in Tokyo Revengers? Answered

The Black Dragons are a Tokyo motorcycle gang headed up by the fearsome Taiju Shiba. Though they were initially founded with a set of ideals that championed loyalty and trust, as the generations passed by, they would fall deeper into a cycle of violent intimidation.

Similar to other gangs, the Black Dragons are structured into ranked divisions. These include the Attack Squad and Elite Guard, each run by a Unit Captain who answers directly to the boss himself. Presently at the top, the 10th leader Taiju Shiba is defined by his brutal, rigid training regimen, ruling over the gang with an iron fist.

He fancies himself as something of a militaristic head and has shaped the Black Dragons in this image. This reform has proven beneficial to the gang, increasing their focus and rendering them into one of the most dangerous threats to the Tokyo underworld. The only cost, any sense of decency — a small price to pay for such power!

The Black Dragons will prove the major antagonists for the upcoming arc, with more than pride at stake as the rival factions butt heads. It won’t be long until we’re right in the thick of this kerfuffle, so you’d best start practicing your most menacing punk glare.

Now you’ve got a better idea of who the Black Dragon are in Tokyo Revengers, hora! Hora!! For more critical intel, get on your bike and ride on over to our guides on whether the Tokyo Revengers manga is finished, as well as all anime releasing in 2023.

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