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Invincible Characters Soar Into the Fall Guys Store Later This Week

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Invincible Characters Soar Into the Fall Guys Store Later This Week

Fight, Mark, Fight!

Characters from Amazon Prime’s hit animated superhero series Invincible will be available to players in the Fall Guys store later this week.

It comes as a shock to see characters from the notoriously bloody and violent Invincible added to a family-friendly game, especially in light of Fall Guy’s recent Encanto event which was produced in collaboration with Disney, but it will largely appeal to the game’s older players.

All Invincible x Fall Guys Skins

The three Invincible characters that are coming to Fall Guys are Invincible, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve. These three are arguably the most recognizable characters from the show and have each received their own Fall Guys style makeover to match the game’s aesthetic.

Invincible is otherwise known as Mark Grayson and is the protagonist of the self-titled show which serves as a faithful adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic series. The show follows Mark as he adjusts to his newly acquired superpowers which result from his alien heritage while juggling his final year of High School. Omni-Man is Mark’s father and widely considered to be the most beloved hero in the world of Invincible but harbors a dark secret, while Atom Eve is a member of the teenage superhero group Teen Team and acts as Mark’s love interest.

When Are the Invincible Skins Coming to Fall Guys?

Fall Guys and Invincible fans don’t have long to wait. All three Invincible skins will be added to the Fall Guys store on the 5th of January. The inclusion of Invincible skins is the latest addition to Fall Guys Season 3: Sunken Secrets which kicked off in November last year.

The season previously introduced the Let’s Get Kraken event which added five new levels to the game and the popular Hex Trials game mode was re-added to the game earlier this week.

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