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Gruesome & Chaotic Top-Down Shooter OTXO Could Be the Next Hotline Miami

Gruesome & Chaotic Top-Down FPS OTXO Could Be the Next Hotline Miami
Image Source: Lateralis

Gruesome & Chaotic Top-Down Shooter OTXO Could Be the Next Hotline Miami

Crank up the tunes and let the bullets fly.

Hotline Miami is one of the landmark twin-stick action games. Between the crisp visuals and snappy soundtrack, it’s something that nothing else has been able to copy, despite many attempts. However, a new game called OTXO (apparently pronounced as oh-cho) looks like it might have what it takes to fill Hotline Miami’s shoes.

Developed by Lateralis, OTXO is a chaotic top-down shooter that is black, white, and red all over. The game seems to follow the Sin City style, with only certain things (like the copious amounts of blood) being in color. The game will be available on April 20 on Steam and can be added to your wishlist now.

OTXO also doesn’t appear to be as brutally difficult as Hotline Miami, with the gameplay video showing off a health bar in the bottom right. This means there will be some room for mistakes, so you can let the bullets fly like you’re living out a John Woo (Face/Off, Hard Target) flick.

When Does OTXO Come Out on Steam?

As for the main character, OTXO has you playing as an amnesiac who can’t remember their name but is storming a mansion because they at least remember that they need to save a missing/kidnapped girl. You’ll also be able to utilize a slo-mo mechanic, so you can pretend you’re Max Payne while mowing down enemies. With “over 100 acquirable abilities” and “a whole selection of unlockable weapons,” you’ll be able to cause plenty of rougue-lite havoc.

At this moment, it is only known that OTXO will be coming to PC, but the announcement tweet at least mentioned that a release on console(s) is to be confirmed, so it’s at least being considered.

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