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Destiny 2 Finally Adds a Weapons & Armor Feature Players Have Been Waiting Years For

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Destiny 2 Finally Adds a Weapons & Armor Feature Players Have Been Waiting Years For

At long last, we’ll finally be able to do this!

Quality of life changes are extremely important in Destiny 2. Some are healthy for the game, while others can be discarded. However, Bungie is finally adding a feature into the game that players have been waiting for years. In the latest TWAB, they announced this new feature and other important information.

Starting next week on Tuesday, Jan. 24th, all Blue Weapon, and Armor drops will automatically be disabled into glimmer if you are above the soft cap. For example, if your Guardian is currently above 1570 Power, then any Blues you would normally collect from activities will now be automatically dismantled and turned into glimmer, saving you the trouble of dismantling it yourself.

This is easily the best and most requested feature players have been waiting for years. Blue Weapons and Armor serve virtually no purpose after reaching the soft cap and have always been such a hindrance to dismantle after every activity constantly.

The only time Blues are “relevant” is when a DLC drops and the Power Level cap increases by 100. For example, it was shown in a recent Lightfall update post that our Power Level would exceed 1800. Let’s say the pinnacle cap would be 1800. If that’s the case, the power cap would be 1790, and the soft cap is 1780, meaning once your Guardian exceeds 1780 Power, Blues will no longer be needed to increase your Power.

This is a great update, and we’re happy to see it finally released ahead of time rather than wait another month when Lightfall drops. With all of these updates thus far, it’s safe to imagine Lightfall might be the best DLC drop in Destiny 2 yet.

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