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What To Do After Beating High on Life

High on Life artwork
Image Source: Squanch Games

What To Do After Beating High on Life

Taking my talkative gun out on a nice date.

High on Life’s story takes players on a romp throughout the galaxy, as the protagonist must save the human race from enslavement at the hands of the G3 Cartel. Once the task is complete, the game doesn’t tell you what to do, probably leaving you scratching your head as to what to take on next. Fear not; here are a few tasks you should do after beating High on Life.

Experience the Secret Ending

High on Life Haven secret door
Image Source: Squanch Games via Twinfinite

High on Life’s story mode ends rather abruptly, with the credits hitting the screen as soon as you’ve completed your journey and bringing you right back to the main menu. However, there is a secret ending, one that all but guarantees a sequel is in the works for Squanch Games’ hit title.

Be sure to check out our step-by-step guide on how to experience the secret ending, as I don’t want to spoil how to complete it in this guide or even what happens.

Stock Up on Warp Discs

Key Art for High on Life
Image Source: Squanch Games

Continuing the trend of hidden secrets and easter eggs, you’ll most certainly want to experience the Warp Discs and unlock the Seeing All the Sights achievement. To do this, you must purchase all six warp discs and use them in-game.

It may sound like an arduous task, but the payoff is immense as each warp disc summons a bizarre scenario. A personal favorite is the “Movie Theater” disc, as you can watch the entirety of the 1990’s horror film Demon Wind. Demon Wind isn’t the only movie that’s watchable, and you’ll find Gene on the couch watching a ton of old movies while you’re out saving the world.

The other five discs are equally as funny, and we also have a guide on how to track down and use the warp discs.

Explore Away

High on Life in-game screenshot
Image Source: Squanch Games via Twinfinite

You’re quite likely to find yourself doing this while going through the first two steps on the list. However, if you haven’t, make sure you explore all of the different semi-open spaces in High on Life.

Chances are unless you took your time during your story walkthrough, you didn’t collect all of the Lugloxes. Going back to previously cleared spaces with your complete set of Gatlians will aid your collection of the Lugloxes, thus allowing you to purchase most of the upgrades for your character and arsenal. There are also a few hidden secrets to encounter as well.

That’s everything you need to know on what to do after beating High on Life. Be sure to check out our related content down below to keep you up to speed on the game such as our review, if the game is headed to PlayStation consoles, or High on Life’s impressive launch numbers.

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