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Microsoft Flight Simulator Bergen & Rodez–Aveyron Airports Announced

Microsoft Flight Simulator Bergen
Screenshot via RDPresets

Microsoft Flight Simulator Bergen & Rodez–Aveyron Airports Announced

New airports are coming to MSFS

Today third-party developers shared news about Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons, focusing on airports.

We start with RDPresets which announced its next airport, Bergen Flesland Airport (ENBR) in Norway.

This relevant Scandinavian international airport will be released in two days. The developer promises “great performance together with very high detail including an interior and custom ground and building modeling covering the whole airport including landside.”

You can see a few screenshots below.

Another announcement comes from LMT Simulation, which is working on Rodez–Aveyron Airport (LFCR) in France, which hosts a few seasonal Ryanair flights.

No release information has been shared for now besides the fact that the airport is in “short final,” but you can check out a few images below.

We stay in France with SkyDesigners, which also released its rendition of BA132 Colmar–Meyenheim Air Base (LFSC). It portrays the base before it was closed a few days ago and converted into army barracks.

You can find this nostalgic airbase on Simmarket for $15.79 plus applicable VAT. Here’s what you get in the package.

  • Static aircraft (Mirage F1B, Mirage F1CT, EC135, SA330 Puma with real machine numbers and registration, textured in photo realistic in accordance with the squadrons present on the base!)
  • Maintenance Zones and Hangars, as closely as possible representing the base in 2010.
  • Vegetation biomes suitable for actual vegetation.
  • Specific service vehicles, and ground crew.
  • Photo realistic textured buildings with night textures,
  • Representation of the different areas of the base: Living area / Squadron area, ESTA hangars, experience the base as if you were there!
  • Modeling of Military installations and their dedicated squadrons (Alsace and Normandie Niemen Squadrons)
  • Hundreds of objects making the scene even more immersive (Radars, ground maintenance personnel, surveillance vehicles)
  • Optimized for minimum use of system resources

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available for PC (Windows 10 and Steam), and Xbox Series X|S. If you want to read more about it, you can check out our review.

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