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Hero Requests in Midnight Suns, Explained

Tony Stark Hero Request
Image Source: Firaxis via Twinfinite

Hero Requests in Midnight Suns, Explained

Help out the heroes of Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

The Abbey is the home base of many beloved heroes in the Marvel franchise. While in this area, players can interact with characters and hang out with them to boost their friendship levels. So, if you want to help them with additional tasks of the game, we’ll explain what Hero Requests are in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hero Requests Guide

Hero Requests are conversation opportunities where players can advise characters on decisions or help them with favors. These side tasks will reward you with various resources, such as Blueprints, Gloss, and Friendship XP. Fortunately, there are no right or wrong answers in these instances, and players can choose any dialogue option to earn a specific item.

To begin a Hero Request in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you can find characters with blue conversation icons around the Abbey. However, sometimes these symbols indicate available hangout sessions or story-related missions. That said, Hero Requests will display a different option, where players can select ‘Help Hero’:

Robbie Reyes in Marvel's Midnight Suns
Image Source: Firaxis via Twinfinite

A few conversations determine Hunter’s Dark and Light paths, which alters their abilities in battle. For example, those who make “bad” decisions in Hero Requests can gain darker and more demonic combat attacks. Other than advice, characters can ask Hunter for favors that must be done promptly, like this Robbie Reyes Hero Request:

Robbie Reyes Favor in Marvel's Midnight Suns
Image Source: Firaxis via Twinfinite

If you choose to accept a favor, you can obtain a Combat Bonus during the next mission when the hero is on the team. Then, players must return to the character to receive a boost for their Friendship level.

That’s everything you need to know about Hero Requests in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Before you go, you can explore more content by looking at the relevant links below, including our Skill cards and Research guides.

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