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Black Desert Reveals New Twin Classes & “Land of the Morning Light” Region

Black Desert Online New Classes
Image via Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Reveals New Twin Classes & “Land of the Morning Light” Region

Woosa and Maegu are coming to Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile in a few days.

Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss hosted its “Calpheon Ball 2022” event from Los Angeles, providing a preview of what players can expect from upcoming updates.

We get the full reveal of the two twin classes that will be added to the game. The PC and Console versions will receive Woosa on December 14, while Maegu will be added to the mobile version, but she’ll also come to the other platforms about a month after.

The two classes are “twins born on a leap year day when neither the sun nor moon lit the sky.” They have followed different paths and discovered their own opposite styles of “Do.” As a result, they’re always in conflict.

While Maegu fights with a charm, Woosa fights with a fan, and you can see both in action in the cinematic and combat trailers below.

Interestingly, while the voice acting is in English, the developers opted to keep the Korean terms “unni” and “dongsaeng” respectively indicating the older and younger sister. This means that Woosa is considered the younger of the two and Maegu seems to be enjoying reminding her of that quite often. These terms might be familiar to some as they have been popularized by Korean dramas and manhwa.

Another relevant reveal is the “Land of the Morning Light,” an entirely new region set to release in February in Korea and likely further down the line in the west, adding to the already massive open world of Black Desert.

It’s located in the eastern part of the world and it’s inspired by ancient Korea. You can take a first look in the third trailer below.

Black Desert Online is currently available for PC. The console version is simply titled Black Desert and is available on PS4 and Xbox One. On the other hand, Black Desert Mobile is available for iOS and Android if you want to play on the go.

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