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Pokemon Company Teases New Pokemon Grafaiai Via Mysterious Photos

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai Reveal

Pokemon Company Teases New Pokemon Grafaiai Via Mysterious Photos

Get a fuzzy look at the new Pokemon Grafaiai who is painting

Today, another set of photos appeared and captured a shadowy glimpse of the new Pokemon Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This Pokemon is apparently quite difficult to catch in action, and the most recent photos only show distant silhouettes that don’t reveal too much of the Pokemon’s appearance.

Grafaiai could be a mix of the words “graffiti” and “aye-aye” to represent its painting habit and a long-fingered lemur from the island of Madagascar. Some may recognize the name AiAi from the title character of Super Monkey Ball and naturally connect that name to a primate, so it’s likely that Grafaiai will be a lemur of sorts.

Pokemon Company has been teasing Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for the last couple of days and is likely to give a full reveal of the Pokemon in action this week. Seeing as the news has been revealed by a photographer, we expect to see clear photos of Grafaiai possibly getting caught in the act of painting the local nature.

Pokemon Company has been experimenting with how it reveals new Pokemon for their upcoming games since Pokemon Sword and Shield. During the lead-up to Sword and Shield’s release, they had a 24-hour live stream where a camera was set up at one of the in-game locations attempting to capture a new Pokemon.

Every generation of Pokemon comes with a fresh catalog of Pokemon to capture, collect, and train to join you on your journey. Along with the three new starters, the Paldea region seems to be a richly populated region with plenty of new and old Pokemon to capture. For more news on Pokemon reveals, keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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