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It’s Morbin’ Time in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC Thanks to a New Mod


It’s Morbin’ Time in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC Thanks to a New Mod

Why laugh at the Mobin’ meme, when you can be the Morbin’ meme?

It seems that while Marvel’s Spider-Man getting ported was a win for those PC players who were never going to pick up a PS4/PS5, it was also a win for modders everywhere. The game has exploded since being ported to PC with mods anywhere from turning Spidey into Homelander from The Boys, or a mod making Spider-Man’s webs entirely invisible.

However, one new mod proves that good memes never die, they just translate into other mediums. That’s right, a mod from NexusMods user HiBlakkes has added a new suit to the game. This suit will allow you to Morb into the tragic vampire himself, Morbius.

Image Source: HiBlakkes

If you truly want to live in the meme that took over social media back in April of this year, now is your moment. The Morbius movie might have been one massive flop, but you get the chance to let him fly through the sky and quote the meme as much as you want. The social media version of the Morbin’ meme certainly died when Jared Leto acknowledged it, but it rises again from the streets in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC.

As far as other fun Spider-Man mods go? Everyone knows that Peter Parker got a different face for the remastered release. One modder, tiffsomniac, took it upon themself to restore Peter’s original face to the game and it…worked?

There are certain to be more ridiculous mods popping up as time goes on, and we will continue to bring you the ones we find the most fun.

Featured Image Source: HiBlakkes.

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