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How to Play Kirby’s Dream Buffet Multiplayer with Friends

How to Play Kirby's Dream Buffet Multiplayer with Friends

How to Play Kirby’s Dream Buffet Multiplayer with Friends

Learn how to play and enjoy Kirby’s Dream Buffet multiplayer with friends and benefits of playing online.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is the latest in the Kirby franchise and it honestly pushes that adorable scale to the max. If you and your friends have picked it up to have some wholesome fun together, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know for how to play Kirby’s Dream Buffet multiplayer with friends.

How to Play Kirby’s Dream Buffet Multiplayer with Friends

  1. Roll to the Main Menu

    This is an odd one, but when you log into Kirby’s Dream Buffet, you’ll actually be set some distance away from the Main Menu. The menu is straight ahead, so just roll in that direction then click A.

  2. Select Online Mode

    There are a few modes to play Kirby’s Dream Buffet and all of them offer some amount of multiplayer, but let’s face it, most of our friends are online. Local multiplayer is available through the Battle Mode (two-player same console) or Local Play (four-player separate consoles). Online mode allows you to connect with friends all over the world.

  3. Select Password Match

    After selecting Online Mode, you can choose a Random Match or a Password Match. Choose Password Match in order to create an online lobby with your friends.

  4. Enter and Share Password

    Connecting with friends requires an extra step to ensure that your room is private and others cannot join. Players must enter a shared password to connect to the same room and passwords can be up to 10 characters in length.

  5. Choose a Mode: Gourmet Grand Prix or Free Rolling

    There are two ways to play when connected with friends, Gourmet Grand Prix or Free Rolling. The Gourmet Grand Prix is the competitive mode where players race to eat the most and grow their Kirby to the biggest size. The Free Rolling option is a casual mode where players can experiment with the powers and work on the controls. Most players will likely choose to race in the Gourmet Grand Prix.

  6. Join Within Two Minutes

    One caveat to playing online is that players have two minutes to connect before a round starts. If that two-minute timer expires, a match will start and any missing player slots will be filled by computer players. Friends will have to wait until that match is over to join in and play in the next round.

How to Level Up Fast in Kirby’s Dream Buffet

Kirby's Dream Buffet Victory Screen

One great benefit to playing online is that you and your friends can earn points toward your rank and gain rewards for leveling up. You earn a 1.8x bonus if you opt to play the Gourmet Grand Prix with your friends instead of random players online.

After each round, you can choose to change the mode and when you are done playing, it’s easy to exit the lobby and leave the game. Simply press minus (-) on your controller and that will exit you back to the Home Table hub.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet has been released in celebration of Kirby’s 30th anniversary so it is full of great little facts and history on the series. You can enjoy the year-long festivities with a lot of Kirby games and goodies that Nintendo is releasing.

For now, there is plenty to dig into with Kirby’s Dream Buffet. Whether you want to play locally or connect online there are great options for how to play Kirby’s Dream Buffet multiplayer with friends and unlock more.

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