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How To Get Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops

How to get Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops
Source: Hotta Studio

How To Get Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops

Watch Twitch streamers to gain some exclusive rewards for Tower of Fantasy.

Curious about how to earn valuable items for Tower of Fantasy’s Twitch Drop event? We’ll explain how to sign up for this streaming activity and the tier system of gift packs to help you gain rewards for the game. Additionally, we’ll provide information about more opportunities you can do for the exciting release of TOF.

How To Get Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops

Tower of Fantasy has introduced a new Twitch Drops Challenge that rewards players with various packs. Moreover, this event will last until Aug. 14 at midnight PDT, and you can participate in this challenge by going on Twitch and clicking the ‘Drops’ tab.

All you have to do after this is find Tower of Fantasy in ‘All Campaigns’ and connect it, as shown here:

Linking your Twitch account for the Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drop
Source: Twitch via Twinfinite

You can also use the Drops Inventory to see the current progress of this challenge and claim your rewards once you watch enough streamers.

There are different tiers users can gain while watching Twitch streamers play Tower of Fantasy, so here are the various time slots you can partake in to obtain the exclusive packs (make sure you are on the TOF channel):

  • Watch a Twitch Streamer for 30 minutes – Gift Pack 1
  • Watch for 1 hour – Gift Packs II
  • Watch for 2 hours – Gift Pack III
  • Watch for 3 hours – Gift Pack IV
  • Watch for 4 hours – Gift Pack V

As of right now, the featured Twitch streamers you can watch are:

  • Fextralife
  • Fuslie
  • Sneakylol
  • Sodapoppin

There will be many others that have the Twitch Drop enabled during this live stream, and you can find them by putting “Drops Enabled” in the tags of Tower of Fantasy.

Besides the Twitch Drops Challenge, you can do other activities like taking a snapshot of your character in TOF and watching streamers on YouTube for valuable game rewards. Furthermore, you can see additional details on TOF’s official Twitter:

Now that you know how to get Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops, you can start the challenge by heading over to the platform. Before you go, you can also look at the relevant links below and check out the latest updates about the game, such as the recreation of Genshin Impact characters, a reroll guide, and if TOF is free-to-play.

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