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Bioware Posts SWTOR Short Story “All That’s Left” About Sa’har Kateen

Sa'har Kateen

Bioware Posts SWTOR Short Story “All That’s Left” About Sa’har Kateen

Sa’har Kateen is “All That’s Left.”

Yesterday, Bioware posted an interesting short story that provides some interesting lore about Sa’har Kateen, a force-sensitive Twi’lek padawan that has been a big focus of the Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) story ever since the most recent 7.1 patch update.

The short story focuses on Kateen’s journey stowing away on a transport, as she hopes to find her missing brother while also battling some heavy and emotional internal conflict. You can check out a brief excerpt from the story right down below.

“When you are ready, break free.” Darkness closes in…

She opened her eyes, but the darkness was still there. The heat and the noise told her she was still on the floor of her space on the transport. The holocron was lit by a soft glow again, dim, but steady. The overwhelming, suffocating defeat she’d felt since she escaped Elom was gone… instead, she could feel a pull in the Force, a bond connecting her to her brother, a compass guiding Sa’har to Ri’kan.

Sa’har stood, grabbed the tattered cloak she’d been hiding the holocron in, and draped the cloth over the relic. She bundled it up and stashed it with her few other belongings so she could snatch them up and run as soon as the transport reached its destination, in a few days’ time.

When they arrived, she’d have to sneak aboard a new ship, but this time, she knew where she was heading. This time, she knew what she needed to do, and who she needed to be: a warrior, a liberator, a friend… a sister.

Sa’har lay back on her cot and willed herself to calm down–she would need plenty of rest for the fight ahead. As she relaxed the tension in her muscles, her mind drifted. She thought of Ri’kan, of Master Denolm, of the woman in the galley. Before long her mind eased into sleep, content in knowing that for the first time in a long while, nightmares wouldn’t come.

To check out the full story, head on over to the official blog posting right here. While you’re here, you can also check out all of the SWTOR news, features, and quizzes we’ve got for you below. That includes our official review of Legacy of the Sith and what the 10-year outlook for SWTOR looks like.

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