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SWTOR 7.1 Update “Digging Deeper” Adds New Operation, Tacticals, & More

Commander Qrukk

SWTOR 7.1 Update “Digging Deeper” Adds New Operation, Tacticals, & More

A new SWTOR update has arrived.

Today, Bioware has launched Star Wars: The Old Republic’s 7.1 update, titled “Digging Deeper.” In the new free content, players will be introduced to the new high-level Operation, the R-4 Anomaly, as well as the Manaan Daily Area.

Alongside this, new Tacticals and improved UI changes have been implemented to improve the player experience. You can check out a full breakdown of everything that is new in the SWTOR 7.1 “Digging Deeper” update right down below:

combat styles icon color wheel
  • R-4 Anomaly OperationIn this new 8-player Operation, players take on an obscure Sith cult set on harvesting technology from an ancient weapon of terrifying power. This new operation is available in Story Mode and Veteran Mode to all characters at level 80. 
  • Manaan Daily AreaTravel to Manaan for two new, faction-based storylines and repeatable Missions. Manaan will offer several new rewards that can be earned after reaching the appropriate reputation rank with a respective faction by completing Daily and Weekly Missions. 
  • Four new TacticalsNew Tacticals are now available at the vendors in the Supplies section of each Fleet: 
  • Bodyguard Mercenary / Combat Medic Commando: Kolto Vapors
  • Carnage Marauder / Combat Sentinel: Shard of Mortis
  • Arsenal Mercenary / Gunnery Commando: Gyroscopic Stabilizers
  • Innovative Ordnance Mercenary / Assault Specialist Commando: Magnetic Resonance
  • Improved Player ExperienceThis update also includes Class balance changes, improvements to the Character window, and customizable subtitles and Combat Style Color Selection wheel for greater color customization, including a color blind option.

If you’re still looking for more SWTOR content, be sure to check out all of the news, features, and quizzes for all things Star Wars. That includes our official review of Legacy of the Sith and what the 10-year outlook for SWTOR looks like.

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