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Is Stray Coming To Xbox? Answered

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Is Stray Coming To Xbox? Answered

Is the charming feline coming to Xbox?

After months of anticipation Stray is finally available to play and it’s fair to say that the leading feline has well and truly earned a place in our hearts.

Stray is another huge success for Sony and PlayStation and boasts an intricate and highly detailed cyberpunk environment along with a strong cast of characters and an intriguing narrative. The question is whether Stray will have a presence on Xbox.

Is Stray Releasing on Xbox?

The short answer at the moment is no. Stray has long been billed as a timed exclusive for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is possible that Stray could receive an Xbox port in the future but at the moment neither Annapurna Interactive or Microsoft have made any indication that could be the case.

Timed exclusives also tend to vary in length and can last up to a year which means Xbox owners could have a bit of a wait ahead of them before they get to experience Stray. However, all is not lost!

Where Can You Play Stray?

Stray is currently available to play now on Playstation 4 and PlayStation 5. If you own either of those consoles and are based in the UK then you’re in luck as you’ll have the chance to play Stray for free for one week as part of a trial for PlayStation Plus.

Gamers around the world will also be able to play Stray at no additional cost if they’re subscribed to either the Premium or Extra tiers on PlayStation Plus.

There’s some good news for anyone that doesn’t own either a PS4 or PS5 as Stray is also availble on PC and can be purchased on Steam.

That’s everything we know for those wondering if Stray is coming to Xbox, be sure to check out our review.

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