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The Hardest Brooklyn 99 Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take


The Hardest Brooklyn 99 Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

It’s time for Nine Nine trivia!

Brooklyn 99 is a workplace sitcom about the fictional police precinct the 99. Fans of the series may think they know everything about the show, but this quiz will be sure to put all of your knowledge to the test.

How well do you know Jake, Amy, Rosa, Captain Holt, Terry, Charles, and Gina? These characters have a lot more secrets than even you may remember.

This quiz may make you realize you need to go back and rewatch the series to see if you’ve spotted all the little details and references. If you ace this quiz you’ll be on your way to becoming Captain of the Brooklyn 99.

(Image Source: NBC Universal)

The Hardest Brooklyn 99 Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take

In the Pilot episode Jake gives a speech from what movie?
Who has won the most Halloween Heists?
Who did Jake punch in the face during the episode "Old School"
Who does Rosa Diaz just want to see happy?
Where did Terry spend time in during college?
What is the real name of the Pontiac Bandit
Who did Holt arrest in 1981?
Where does the Witness Protection Program send Jake and Holt?
What did Charles give Gina after the passing of Great Mama Boyle?
Where is Charles' Son adopted from?
Which fruit does Jake try to tase?
Who has Seven Brothers?
During the episode "Ticking Clock" what brand of lasagna does Hitchcock and Scully make?
What are the final results of Amy & Jake's arrest bet?
Who breaks a computer mouse in half with their bare hands?
What is Jake Peralta's middle name?
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