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Best Sitcom Halloween Specials to Watch This Year


Best Sitcom Halloween Specials to Watch This Year

It’s Halloween weekend in 2021. While some people are comfortable going out and celebrating the holiday (safely please!) some of us just want to take it easy this year and sit back and watch some classic Halloween sitcom specials. While there’s a lot to choose from, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorites here, a little mix of old, new, animated, and live-action. So enjoy!

Brooklyn 99: Halloween (S1, E6)

Best Sitcom Halloween Specials

You can’t go wrong with any of Brooklyn 99’s Halloween heist episodes as they are all classics in their own right filled with twists and surprises. However, the original that was so well-received that it kicked off the tradition to begin with is a great place to start if you’re putting together a night of watching excellent sitcom Halloween specials.

Jake challenges Captain Holt to see if he can steal his Medal of Valor right from under his nose before the end of the night without being caught. What follows is an elaborate heist where Jake pulls all kinds of stops to steal Holt’s Medal of Valor in ways that will surprise even the most astute viewer.

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