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War of the Visions Finally Sees the Release of Hyped Up Water UR Unit Astrius

astrius in war of the visions

War of the Visions Finally Sees the Release of Hyped Up Water UR Unit Astrius

Developed by Gumi in conjunction with Square Enix, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a tactical RPG that’s currently available on mobile devices. It also features a gacha system where players can spend a premium currency to pull for highly sought after characters. This week’s patch saw the continuation of the Persona 5 Royal collaboration event and the release of the P5-themed Vision Card, as well as the release of a new water unit named Astrius.

It’s worth noting that Astrius has been hyped up in the War of the Visions community for months. The game’s water element has been languishing a little bit, but has since seen a resurgence with the release of Celes during the FFVI collab, and with Astrius, the meta will likely get a big shakeup.

Here’s a quick rundown of Astrius’s kit:

  • Astrius (UR) Unit – Astrius is an Ultra Rare (UR) Water element, unit whose main job is Willweaver and is backed up by the subjobs Sniper and Strider. Astrius is a vision born from the inner turmoil of a former Warrior of the Crystals who was torn between his duties and his desire for freedom. His goal is to eradicate the Core Crystals and free the Warriors of the Crystals from their fate, as he is an unlikely rebel who wishes for freedom and treasures his companions above all else. Astrius’s abilities include:
    • Release The Void: Astrius’s Limit Burst activates additional damage when using his own attack abilities for three turns, which deals minimal Non-Elemental Damage and does not affect chains, lowering his target’s Slash Attack Res for three turns, then finally deals a large amount of damage.
    • Cross Rend: With his proficiency with a blade, Astrius can utilize the Cross Rend ability, which lowers the defense of targets within a certain range for three turns and deals a medium amount of damage.
    • Indomitability: Astrius’s Indomitability ability allows him to survive fatal damage to himself one time and raises his Defense Piercing Rate and lowers AP Consumption when Courage is in effect.

You can also see him in action in the new trailer down below:

While Astrius isn’t exactly a limited unit per se, his drop rate is a lot lower than other UR units in the game as he’s a 100-cost unit and part of the Warriors of Crystal storyline. If you’re planning on pulling for him, your best bet is likely to be his main pull banner where you’ll have to spend around 42,000 Visiore to hit pity.

War of the Visions is now available on mobile devices.

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