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These Pokemon Themed Headbands Are a Necessity for Any Serious Trainer

pokemon center japan headbands of pikachu eevee and gengar with a pokeball

These Pokemon Themed Headbands Are a Necessity for Any Serious Trainer

The wealth of amazing Pokemon-themed merchandise that exists in Japan never ceases to amaze us. One of the latest collections of items from the Pokemon Center store in Japan is a set of headbands that feature some of the most popular monsters from the series.

There are five different headbands in total, each featuring a different Pokemon. These include Pikachu, Eevee, Gengar, Snorlax, and even the substitute doll. They also all have cute ears sticking out of the top.

Here is an example of what a few of the headbands look like:

pokemon headbands pikachu eevee snorlax

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting one of the Pokemon Center stores in Japan, these headbands are available as capsule gachas, so for 500 yen (approximately $3.88), you can take your chance to get your favorite Pokemon.

If you’re ordering through the Japanese version of the Pokemon Center online store, you’ll just get a random selection sent to you, so unfortunately you cannot choose the type you get. Luckily, they’re all extremely adorable, so you really can’t go wrong with whichever is randomly drawn for you!

The headbands come inside a Poke Ball capsule to make it a surprise until you open it up and see which headband is within. The Poke Ball capsule also makes for a nice replica decoration item as an added bonus.

If you are a serious Pokemon trainer and want to check out this adorable headband collection, head over to the official Pokemon Center online store of Japan.

If you are just interested in seeing some of the other amazing Pokemon merchandise that is available in Japan, check out this line of Pokemon-themed shoes by Converse and these Pokemon-inspired nail polishes.

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