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Combine Pokemon and Beauty With These Creative Nail Polish Colors

pokemon nail polish

Combine Pokemon and Beauty With These Creative Nail Polish Colors

Fashionistas will fall in love with this series of nail polish inspired by Pokemon that the Uka company in Japan is launching next month. The beauty company has created six different nail polishes that each feature a different Pokemon and the color associated with it.

This special line of polish has three meant for adults and three meant for children, though of course, any age can wear any of the colors. Each bottle has the silhouette of the Pokemon that the color represents.

The adults’ nail polishes feature Meowth, Eevee, and Piplup, which are designed with softer, more professional colors: beige, brown, and smoky blue, respectively.

The children’s polishes feature Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Scorbunny with fun, brighter colors: yellow, pink, and orange, respectively.

Uka boasts that these polish colors are perfect for busy adults and children who enjoy cute colors; they say that their polishes are quick-drying and moisturize the nails. These nail polishes even use a vegan formula with 60% of its ingredients being plant-based, which is great if that’s important to you.

Each of the Pokemon-inspired nail polishes comes in 10mL bottles and costs 2,750 yen (approximately $22 USD) each. If you want all six in a special set called the Six Stars Collection, it can be preordered online between May 6 and May 11 for 18,260 yen (approximately $145 USD).

It may come at a high price, but how could you resist knowing that the colors match your favorite Pokemon?

The Pokemon-inspired nail polishes will be available to purchase at Uka stores around Japan starting on May 13. They can also be purchased directly on Uka’s website, which is the only place to preorder the Six Stars Collection.

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