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Destiny 2 Patch Notes 4.1.0 Add Solar 3.0 Abilities, New Grenade & More

Destiny 2 Patch Notes 4.1.0 Add Solar 3.0 Abilities, New Grenade & More

Destiny 2 Patch Notes 4.1.0 Add Solar 3.0 Abilities, New Grenade & More

With the new Destiny 2 Season 17 hitting today, Bungie have been kind enough to release the patch notes now so you know what to expect. These are some of the bigger changes coming with the new season.

The most important parts are of course the new Solar 3.0 Subclass updates and a new healing grenade for all of you who want a little more defense. Here are other big parts of the patch notes you will certainly want to know.

Iron Banner 

  • Iron Banner reputational changes, are in effect to be more in-line with other reputational systems in Destiny 2.  
  • Completing challenges and donning Iron Banner gear, including Iron Banner armor ornaments in place of swapping out armor, earns an additional buff when ranking up that Iron Banner reputation.  
  • 4 event challenges have been added when playing Iron Banner.  
    • These will rotate daily. 
  • New intro quest added.  
    • All players must complete this once.  
  • A new Triumph and Seal has been added to ring in a new era of Iron Banner.  
  • Bounties and tokens have been removed from Iron Banner.  
  • Power level advantages are now disabled in Iron Banner.  
  • Rift returns as a new Iron Banner Seasonal mode. Learn more about Rift and its future here.  


  • Gambit Reputation: Activity completion now awards 75 reputation points from 50.  
    • Activity streaks award 20 reputation points per streak from 15.  
    • Overall gains should be 25-33% faster.  
  • Reduced the number of wins needed for the Gold Coins gilded Triumph for the Dredgen Seal from 50 to 30. 
  • Quality-of-life update to Gambit bounties: 
    • Daily Bounties: 
      • Added new bounty for collecting Heavy ammo. 
      • Updated defeating combatants with Stasis bounty to include freeze assists. 
      • Changed sending one of each type of Blocker bounty to sending Blockers of any size (with more progress given for sending bigger Blockers). 
      • Now players must bank 100 Motes as a team, versus the previous 25 Motes banked per player.  
    • Repeatable Bounties: 
      • Added a new bounty for defeating invaders as a fireteam. 
      • Added a new bounty for defeating Blockers. 
        • This includes final blows and assists when progressing through this bounty. 
      • Updated the defeating combatants with Stasis bounty to include freeze assists. 
      • Changed the defeating opposing Guardians with final blows or assists bounty to defeating opposing Guardians as a fireteam. 
  • Updated Gambit enemy variations. 


  • Control: Each player capturing a zone now gets +1 participation point.  
  • Elimination: Each round will now last 90 seconds, reduced from the previous 120-second marker.   
  • Mayhem: Super kills now reward players with 3 points instead of 2.  
  • Mayhem: Increased the score target to 200 from 150. 
  • Mayhem: Time limit has been reduced from 8 to 7 minutes.  
  • Rumble: Time limit has been increased from 8 minutes to 10. 
  • Showdown: Each round’s target score has been increased to 15 from 10.   
  • Crucible private matches will now default to match mode settings in Playlists. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Only One Ascends medal to be improperly awarded on capturing a zone. 

Raids and Dungeons 

  • Vow of the Disciple: Fixed an issue where players could get out of environment near the Caretaker encounter. 
  • Vault of Glass: Spoils of Conquest are no longer farmable on repeated clears. 
  • Last Wish: Fixed an exploit where players could pick up Diamond Lance to drop Riven’s Heart. 
  • Last Wish: Fixed an issue where players could fight Kalli outside of the intended darkness phase.  
  • Garden of Salvation: Fixed an issue where players could continuously spawn combatants in one of the sides of the Sanctified Mind encounter. 

Power and Progression 

  • Power Bands have been increased for the new Season: 
    • Power Floor: 1350 (unchanged) 
    • Soft Cap: 1510 (up from 1500) 
    • Powerful Cap: 1560 (up from 1550) 
    • Hard Cap: 1570 (up from 1560) 
  • The Character Power Boost has been increased to 1510 with the new Soft Cap.


  • Healing Grenade (NEW): 
    • Releases a wave of benevolent Solar Light on impact with targets or the environment that Cures allies and creates a blessing that grants Restoration on pickup. Tracks to allies in its flight path. 
  • Solar Grenade: 
    • Now applies 20 Scorch stacks to targets on initial detonation and 14 Scorch stacks per second to targets in the lingering damage volume instead of a generic Solar burn effect. 

New Light

  • New Light Solar 3.0 updates: 
    • New Hunter characters will start with the reworked Solar 3.0 subclass.  
    • New Titan and Warlock characters will start with Void 3.0 subclasses.  
    • Subclasses you have not acquired are available after finishing the A Guardian Rises questline and talking with Ikora Rey during the A Spark of Hope quest.  
  • New Hunter characters will start with Solar subclass abilities intended to be more friendly and appealing to new players. Additional abilities may be unlocked by purchasing them from Ikora in the Tower and completing meditation: 
    • Hunter: 
      • Super Ability: Deadshot Golden Gun (6-shot variant) 
      • Class Ability: Marksman Dodge 
      • Movement Ability: Triple Jump 
      • Charged Melee: Knife Trick 
      • Grenade: Swarm Grenade 
    • Titan: 
      • Super Ability: Hammer of Sol 
      • Class Ability: Towering Barricade 
      • Movement Ability: Strafe Lift 
      • Charged Melee: Hammer Throw 
      • Grenade: Thermite Grenade 
    • Warlock: 
      • Super Ability: Daybreak 
      • Class Ability: Healing Rift 
      • Movement Ability: Burst Glide 
      • Charged Melee: Incinerator Snap 
      • Grenade: Solar Grenade 

You can find the full patch notes here.

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