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Angry Birds Swoops Into Minecraft With New DLC

Angry Birds Swoop Into Minecraft With New DLC

Angry Birds Swoops Into Minecraft With New DLC

In Minecraft, there are plenty of mobs that can always give you a hard time, and players will have more to contend with now that a new DLC is swooping in. With the new Angry Birds DLC for Minecraft, the villainous pigs are once again up to no good, and it will be up to you to stop them.

Playing as Red, players will be tasked to rescue all your birdnapped pals, save those precious eggs, and of course, thwart the dastardly plans of the pigs. The new DLC will see players battle across the blocky Cobalt Plateau, through the Piggy Junkyard and Summer Madness, and finally across Pig City.

By rescuing each of your pals, they become unlockable playable characters as well. Each character will sport unique skills, and only by mastering Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella, and more will you be able to stop the villains.

If you ever wanted to find out how classic Angry Birds gameplay will work in the world of Minecraft, here’s your best opportunity. The DLC is available for 1,340 Minecoins on the Minecraft Marketplace, about $10. There is also a free Character Creator item in the form of Red’s Hoodie available in the Dressing Room if you wanted an incentive.

This DLC expands the already innovative gameplay available in Minecraft, outside of building amazing creations, designing the best bedrooms, or ensuring that their armor is getting the best enchantments to deal with the mobs.

You can check out the Angry Birds DLC trailer for Minecraft below:

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