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Minecraft Players Build Insanely Huge & Detailed Map “City of Lithonia”


Minecraft Players Build Insanely Huge & Detailed Map “City of Lithonia”

Over the years, we’ve seen some insane Minecraft creations, ranging from frame-by-frame recreations of landscapes to even massive cities that are ridiculously detailed and complicated for a title that many simply dub a kids game. Despite how impressive most of those creations have been, though, few can hold a candle to the City of Lithonia.

In a recent post to the gaming subreddit, user VarunaMC showed off their recent creation: a 5000×5000 city with over 3000+ buildings, all with fully furnished interiors. This massive city was dubbed City of Lithonia, and you can see it for yourself below.

A little research shows that the city was created over the course of 3 months by the following Minecraft players: Ruben2710B, LordKingCrown, Omardegente, Dousiii, Varuna_Denver, MeadowBuilder, and Nori. According to their post to Planet Minecraft, these users coordinated building the 900×900 black footprint together for a private client.

Since this build is for a private client they stated that they would not be releasing it for download. However, you can take a look at some more screenshots of the build below – some of which feature touched-up renders and graphics.

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