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Dune: Spice Wars Details The Smugglers’ Unique Traits & More


Dune: Spice Wars Details The Smugglers’ Unique Traits & More

In anticipation of the upcoming 2022 release of their brand new RTS game, Shiro Games has unveiled some brand new information about one of the game’s most clever factions: The Smugglers.

The Smugglers are experts at focusing on vulnerable, easy prey and extracting the most of it. On the battlefield, they take some time to heat up. Their units reduce the supply of their targets throughout fights, and benefit from starving units, making them the best faction for long-lasting battles in neutral territories. They also excel at surprising armies returning home from a tough fight…

Their unique units include:

Dune: Spice Wars
  • Scavengers – opportunist killers, who’ll do anything for an easy buck. They prefer to attack weak, starving units with their sharpened blades. Their strength increases when their target supplies diminish.
  • Wreckers – they use chemical weapons to reduce the supply of enemies in their area of attack, which makes them the perfect harassing unit, allowing their allies to comfortably loot the spoils.
  • Snipers – deadly marksmen with modified sniper rifles, have the longest attack range on Arrakis. Factoring in their camouflage, they are adept at finishing fleeing units.
  • Free Company – the most famous assassins and bounty hunters in the Imperium, equipped with dual swords and impressive stealth gear. Their versatility comes mainly from their ability to mimic the skills of their targets during fights.
  • Combat Drone – a strong, extremely agile mechanical unit conceived for autonomous fighting, to support the Smuggler troops.

You can find out a bit more about The Smugglers, including its key Councillors, by heading over to the Dune: Spice Wars Steam page. While you’re here, you can also check out all of the other news for the game, including info about the Harkonnens and plenty of gameplay trailers and screenshots.

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