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Super Animal Royale 1.3 Brings New Event and Gameplay Changes

Super Animal Royale Year of the Super Tiger

Super Animal Royale 1.3 Brings New Event and Gameplay Changes

We have already covered some of the changes coming in Super Animal Royale version 1.3 such as the BCG weapon and the Hamster Ball nerf, but that’s absolutely not all there is to this update.

With the Year of the Super Tiger event now started, Super Animal Royale players will be seeing red envelopes during regular games of any mode. Similar to how candy corn and candy canes were in past events, the red envelopes you earn during the game can be cashed in after for themed prizes. Year of the Super Tiger will goo from January 25 to February 15.

The only difference is now there doesn’t seem to be an associated LTM (limited-time mode) to go along with envelope farming.

To celebrate the new year, there are also four new Super Tiger breeds being added:

  • Super Golden Tiger
  • Super Toy Tiger
  • Super Bengal Tiger
  • Super Lunar Tiger

The S.A.W. Bamboo Resort location in Super Animal Royale has also seen some changes:

  • The beavers have moved 2021’s Super Ox statue out of Bamboo Resort and into storage at Beaver Construction HQ, and replaced it with a new Super Tiger statue!
  • You’ll also find a new portrait of the tiger on the wall in the resort next to all the previous years’ animals.
  • The entrance gates are also now adorned with a new Spring Festival Couplet for the new year, provided again by the Chinese SAR community!

To just name a few Super Animal Royale gameplay updates (full list here):

  • Sparrows, Darts, and BCG egg ammo have been combined into a single new ‘Specialty Ammo’ that is used in all 3 weapons.
  • The Bandolier boosts max carrying capacity for the new Specialty Ammo from 35 to 50 (previously Sparrows and Darts were boosted from 35 to 45)
  • Sparrow Launcher clip size increased to 5.
  • Dogna’s Dart Gun will now auto-fire darts if you hold down shoot.
  • Weighted the random positions of skunk gas circles to get them to appear closer to the edges of the map more frequently. The previous randomness favored the middle of the island slightly, whereas the new randomness is more evenly distributed around the whole island.
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