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Only True Harley Quinn Show Fans Can Name These 10 Side Characters

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Only True Harley Quinn Show Fans Can Name These 10 Side Characters

Harley Quinn has really taken the DC world by storm in recent years, as Margo Robbie’s live-action performance in Birds of Prey, The Suicide Squad, and many more have brought life back to the character. But while her live-action adaptation has been turning heads, the animated version of the show has also been quite the hit.

Starring Kaley Cuoco, the animated series of Harley Quinn takes a much more gruesome and comedic look at the DC universe, as the show surrounds the misadventures of everyone’s favorite “Maid of Mischief” as she looks to strike out on her own and take over Gotham city.

So far, the series has gotten two seasons, with a third on the way, and it has been a laugh riot the entire way. Whether it’s Clayface’s terrible acting, Ivy’s love for all things plants, or a depressed Jim Gordan, the show has really pulled out all the stops in terms of exploring the comics in a unique and hilarious way.

To celebrate that, we’ve come up with a quiz that only true fans of the Harley Quinn animated series will be able to answer. So without further ado (imagine that with Clayface’s voice), let’s get started!

Only True Harley Quinn (Animated) Fans Can Name These 10 Side Characters

Who is this olympic villain?
Who is this dastardly villain?
Who is this minion?
Who is this carnivorous plant?
Who is this sushi chef?
Who is this villainous wife?
Who is this retired super villain?
Who is this escape artist?
Who is this villainous girlfriend?
Who is this bug hero that gets smooshed by Darkseid?

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Image Source: DC Comics & HBO Max

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